Week of 11/12/18

Saturday 11/17/18– Goal Race. Boys 4th, gals 7th. Great season, I love you all, the end.

Meet of Champs 11/17/18
Bus time-  8:30 am!!
Race Last Meal Warmup To the Line Race.
Boys 7:45 10:00 10:40 11:00 AM
Gals 8:30 10:45 11:25 11:45 AM
Awards Ceremony= 12:30


Friday 11/16/18-light run

Thursday 11/15/18-– light run

Wednesday 11/14/18-50m on grass loop.

Tuesday 11/13/18-lower leg drills, 15:00 up, SDS (8) 8*200 in 30/ 35, 2 laps down. Stretch after.

Monday 11/12/18-lower leg drills followed by 1.5 to Lewis Chamberlain Park, guys ran 5 miles, gals 4, on 800m loop. 1.6 miles back to school.



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