Week of 10/29/18

Sunday 11/4/18-60 minutes and 10 x 100m

Saturday 11/3/18-Boys win ! gals 2nd!

Friday 11/2/18– visualization, meeting, 30:00, x 4 x 100m.

Thursday 11/1/18-Big 10s 40:00 steady- 100 x 100m

Wednesday 10/31/18– JV state champs!!! Boys finished 3rd among top teams in the state!!!! Great job!!!! Varsity performed BIG 10s, Lower leg drills, ran to 1.6 to LCP, boys ran 5 miles at 6:10/ mi, 1.5 mi home, girls ran 4 miles at 7:10/ mi.

Tuesday 10/30/18-those competing at the JV champs performed their re meet assignment. The varsity squad performed BIG 26s followed by lower leg drills and 1.6 miles up to LCP,  2 x 1 mile at  LT, and 6 x 225m at faster than mile pace, 1.5 mi down.

Monday 10/29/18-Bus to Thompson Park, gals ran the last 1.25 miles 7 times and finished with 10 x 100m, guys ran the last 1.25 9 times and finished with 10 x 100m, Developmental group ran 45 minutes on the last 1.25m of course followed by SDS (8) and 4x200m (150m rest jog) followed by 10:00 easy.

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