Week of 10/1/18

Saturday 10/9/18-those racing raced at holmdel. Those not racing ran at Turning Basin Park 9-10 miles plus a kicker and 10-20 x 100m

Friday 10/8/18- those racing at Holmdel did their pre meet assignment. Those not racing ran 6-7 miles and 12 x 100m

Thursday 10/7/18- BIG 23s, lower leg drills those not competing Saturday ran 12-16x 400m on a short cycle, standard warmup and cooldown.

Wednesday 10/6/18- BIG 23s- lower leg drills, mileage at Lewis Chamberlain park at prescribed cycles.6-9 mi

Tuesday 10/2/18- 5k race, varsity held back.

Monday 10/1/18- mileage and strides.

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