Week of 9/24/18-

Saturday 9/29/18– long run at Holmdel Park with the fighting Raiders of Hillsborough.

Friday 9/28/18-workout (attached)

Thursday 9/27/18– recovery run at Lewis Chamberlain Park

Wednesday 9/26/18-15:00 up, SDS  (8) followed by 5k race followed by short jog followed by 20-25 x 100m

Tuesday 9/25/18-meet postponed until tomorrow. lower leg drills, 40 minutes at maintenance pace followed by 12 x 100m on a 50 s cycle.

Monday 9/24/18-core followed by lower  leg drills followed by 6-8 miles and 12 x 100m.

Week of 9/17/18

Saturday 9/22/18-9-10 miles for developmental groups followed by 1 x  miles hard and 20 x 100m, top groups ran at Holmdel for 10-15m and strides.

Friday 9/21/18-Big 21s, 1.6 miles up to LCP, SDS (8) followed by 20-24 x 300m on a very short cycle (80-100s), 1.6 miles down.

Thursday 9/20/18– BIG 21s -3 miles to community park- 45 minutes on grass loop.

Wednesday 9/19/18-top guys ran 9 miles followed by 2 miles up tempo (Adhwin led in 5:17-9) and 18 x 100m. Top ladies ran 7.5 miles followed by 2 x 1 mile up tempo followed by 10 x 100m, everyone else ran between 7.5-8 miles followed by 1-2 kickers and 20 x 100m

Tuesday 9/18/18-BIG 21s followed by lower leg drills and…. those recovering yesterday ran 5-8 campus loops, top dogs and ladies ran the following workout followed by 2 x 20 reps of squats at 95 (ladies)- 120 (dudes) lbs.

Monday 9/17/18-2 mile sup, SDS (8) 5k up tempo, top guys ran 6.5 miles down,.


Week of 9/11/18

Saturday 9/16/18-Developmental groups practice at  8:30 am towpath, Top groups 7:30 bus to Holmdel from the high school. Top guys ran Holmdel’s course 5x, top ladies 4x. Everyone finished with 10 x 100m sprints. Developmental groups ran 9- 13 on the towpath followed by 10 x 100m.

Friday 9/15/18-BIG 21’s, lower leg drills, 1.6 miles to Lewis Chamberlain Park, SDS (8) followed by….


Top guys 20 x 300m on grass on a 80 s cycle.

Top ladies, 18 x 300m on a 90s cycle.

Dev A- 20 x 300m 85 s cycle.

Dev B-  18 x 300m 95 s

Dev  C – 17 x 300m 100s cycle,

1.6 down , squatters squatted 125- 145 lbs 3 sets of 5.

Thursday 9/14/18-BIG 21’a followed by lower leg drills and 40 minute run on grass followed by 800m at goal 5k followed by 10 min easy.

Wednesday 9/13/18– 15-25 min up, SDS (8) 5k up tempo, short cooldown.

Tuesday 9/12/18-most kids ran between 5-8 miles followed by 10x100m. Top gals and uys were on the track, after 25:00, SDS (8) guys and gals ran 4×800 with a full rest (8-8:30c) top guys avg’d 2:18, top gals 2:50. 15-20:00 down followed by 2×20 reps of squats (gals 85 lbs, guys 100lbs)

Monday 9/11/18-top guys ran 13 miles at 6:20/ mi followed by  10*100m, 11 miles for gals at 7:20-30/ mi followed by 10 x 100m.

Week of 9/3/18


Sunday 9/9/18-distance run followed by strides.

Saturday 9/8/18– Kids got in 15:00 up, SDS (8), 2 miles race, various cooldowns, some senior boys in the no no bad bad group got in 16 x 200m on a 80s cycle.

Cherokee Challenge 9/8/2018
Bus Time- 7:00 am
Cherokee HS Cherokee High School 120 Tomlinson Mill Rd Marlton, NJ 08053
Race Last Meal Warm up Report to Line Gun
Freshman Gals 6:30 8:40 9:20 9:40
Freshman Dudes 6:50 9:00 9:40 10:00
Soph. Gals 7:10 9:20 10:00 10:20
Soph Duders 7:30 9:40 10:20 10:40
Junior Little ladies 7:50 10:00 10:40 11:00
Junior Big Boys 8:10 10:20 11:00 11:20
Senior Women 8:30 10:40 11:20 11:40
Senior Men 8:50 11:00 11:40 12:00
Warm up is 15 min jog followed by group stretch- report to line 20 minutes before your race for drills
and 8 x100m strides.
Cooldown for each training group is as follows.
A Boys- 40 minutes steady followed by 6*200m on track and 2 laps easy.
A Gals and B Boys- 35 minutes steady followed by 4*200m on track and 2 laps easy
C – 20 minutes steady followed by 20 x 100m on track.
Estimated return to school is 3:00 PM BARBECUE AFTER!!!!!!!!!

Friday 9/7/18– BIG 10’s, lower leg drills, 3 mile run to community park 2.5- 5 miles on grass followed by 10 x 100m barefoot.

Thursday  9/6/18– BIG 20’s and more, lower leg drills, 1.6 miles to LCP, 800 reps with short reps in severe heat and humidity top guys ran 6x 800 in around 2:40-50 on a 4 min cycle, ladies ran 4 x 800 in  around 3:15 on a 4:30 c, 1.5 miles back and heavy squat routine (3x 5 reps).

Wednesday 9/5/18-Top guys ran 13.5 miles steady followed by 20 x 100m on a 45s cycle, top ladies 11.5 with 18 x 100m on a 45s cycle.  DEV A same as top ladies with the exception of 20 x 100m. Dev B- C ran between 7.5-9 miles followed by 12 x 100m. Some athletes were on the No No Bad Bad list from yesterday. Guys ran 5 miles steady followed by 6 x 800m on a 6:30 cycle, Gals 4 x 800m on a 7:30c, strides after.

Tuesday 9/4/18-top guys ran 5.75 steady – turned around and fartleked back 5x 3 on / 3 off. Dev. A and Top Gals went out 4.5 and ran 4 x 3/3, everyone else went out 3.75 and returned with pickups, 12 x 100m