Week of 6/4/2018

Wednesday 6/6/18- easy distance run and 4 x 100m

Tuesday 6/5/18- Sameer, Kelsey and Kavya all warmed up for 15 min, SDS (8) followed by walk through. Sameer ran a mile in 4:31, an 800m in 2:20 and a 400m in 66 followed by fast 200’s. Kavya ran 500m at goal 800 followed by a quick rest and a fast 200 followed by 150’s, Kelsey ran 1k at goal mile followed by 400m at goal mile and 150’s. 2 laps down- Adhwin ran a distance run followed by form 150’s.

Monday 6/4/18- kids ran 9-10 miles easy on towpath followed by strides.  Adhwin who didn’t race Saturday warmed up 15m SDS (8) followed by 800m in 2:05.5, 30 s rest, 400 in 58, 30 s rest, 400m in 62, 2 laps down.

Week of 5/28/18


Sunday 6/3/18– recovery run of 55-60 minutes.

Saturday 6/2/18– 3200’s Kavya advances in 800,  Sameer 2nd in 3200, Kelsey advances in 32 as well, A’NAN WINS GROUP 4 LONG JUMP!!!!!!

Friday 6/1/18-1600 at state groups- Sameer 2nd and Kelsey advances and PR’s!!!

Thursday 5/31/18– pre-meet!

Wednesday 5/30/18-aerobic run at maintenance pace followed by strides.

Tuesday 5/29/18-25 minutes up, top ladies ran 3x 1200m at LT followed by 3 fast 200’s, 2 laps down, top guys ran mile reps at LT followed by  fast 200’s.

Monday 5/28/18– aerobic recovery run followed by strides.