Week of 4/30/18

Saturday 5/5/18– long run and strides on towpath, 10-13.5 miles.

Friday 5/4/18-Holmdel Twilight or distance  run.

Thursday 5/3/18– either pre meet or hard 400m reps.

Wednesday 5/2/18– distance run and strides

Tuesday 5/1/18– distance run  and strides

Monday 4/30/18– those competing in tomorrow’s duel ran 55 minutes and 10 x 100m .  Those not competing ran a variety of specificity,  15:00 up, SDS (8) .Most kids ran 4 x 800 on a 5 min cycle, 2 laps down, Sameer led the dudes in 1600m at goal 3200 followed by 7 min rest and 3 x 800 on a 4:300 cycle, Times were 4:26, 2:13, 2:14, 2:10, 2 laps down. Adwin led MD group with a mile in 4:26, a quick rest, a 400m at a struggle, a 200m at 31, 7 min recovery 5 x 300m in 41.25 (3 min rest) 2 laps down and lower body lift.

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