Week of April 9 2018

Saturday 4/14/18– long run followed by 1 (top gals)- 2 (top dudes) of the Big Rocky Hill. strides after.

Friday 4/13/18– 1.7 miles up to Lewis Chamberlain Park, SDS 2-3 x 800m at 100% of Mile Goal pace followed by 100m sprints. Top guys ran a crappy 1st one, (2:19 ) followed by quality last two 2:09, 2:06, ladies were a bit more steady at the top- 2:35, 2:34, 2:35 full rest between each.

Thursday 4/12/18

Wednesday 4/11/18

Tuesday 4/10/18– 1.75 miles to Lewis Chamberlain Park,  2-4 miles on grass, 1.75 miles back for a total of 5.5- 7.5 miles.

Monday April 9 2018– Big 16’s, 15 minutes up, SD (MD group performed 8 strides).  Top guys ran 10 x 800m with 1 min rest at 90% of max, guys avg’d 2:27-8.  Gals ran 8x 800 at 90% of max- Kelsey had about 50 s rest., Kelsey avg’d 2:56-7.  Everyone else ran 6- 8 x 800m on a very short cycle. 2 laps down.  MD group ran 4 x 500m on a 3:30 (dudes)- 4:00 (Kavya) cycle. Kavya avg’d 93, Adwin led dudes in 1:18 avg. kids squatted and performed deads after.

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