Week of 3/19/18

Saturday 3/24/18– 7- 16 miles- guys ran 2 miles hard up hill in the middle- gals ran 1 mile hard for 14 total.

Friday 3/23/18– 15:00 up, SDS- 2k at goal 3200m pace followed by 2 laps easy and 8 x 75 m fast with over unders.

Thursday 3/22/18– longish run at prescribed paces in middle 4 miles- guys ran 5:50 pace for 4, gals 6:42 for 4.

Wednesday 3/21/18- assignments here!!!! get out of safe between 6-10 miles depending on your group! ! if access to treadmill please get in 70 minutes or more.  also please get in 200 push ups and 600 sit ups!!! Git er dun Pirates!!!!!!!!

Top dudes- 10 miles or 70 minutes

Top ladies – 8 miles or 65 minutes

Dev A- 8 miles or 65 min

Dev B  6 miles or 50 minutes

Dev C- 50 minutes.

Tuesday 3/20/18– core (40 push ups x2/120 situps) 5-9 miles on campus loop. squat and deads after.  Sleeting like crazy out.

Monday 3/19/18– 15:00 up, SD, 12- 30x400m, 2 laps down. top gals down to 2:30 per cycle, dudes 2:00.  Good weather.

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