Week of 1/29/18

Saturday 2/3/18– 10-14.5 miles and 10x100m

Friday 2/2/18– developmental group ran 8x200m fast and 6 x 75m with drills.  Those competing at sectionals ran 1k at goal mile followed b a quick rest and 300m fast followed by 4 x 200.

Thursday 2/1/18-recovery run.

Wednesday 1/31/18-most kids ran 10-15 minutes easy followed by 4.25-6.2 miles up tempo followed by 10x100m.  Those on the sectional squads ran a workout, guys ran 4x800m at goal 32 on a 4:45 c, top guys avg’d 2:18-19, followed by 2 laps easy and 6x400m at goal mile pace on a 2:10c., top guys avg’d 63.  2 laps down followed by upper body lift. Gals run 4 x 600m at goal mile pace on a 1:1 rest cycle followed by 2 laps easy and 8x400m on a 1:1 rest. 2 laps down and same upper body lift.

Tuesday 1/30/18– quick warmup- 55 pushups and 170 situps. 3.5 (ladies)-4 miles(dudes) at lt, 2 laps down and stretching. Top guys avg’d 5:25/mi

Monday 1/29/18-15 min up- kids ran between 16–25×400 on a short cycle those who competed yesterday ran 7.5-11 miles followed by lower body lift.

Week of 1/22/18

Sunday 1/28/18- 7:30 Bus time! Mercer Co. Champs!

Saturday 1/27/18-practice at 8:30 am Turning Basin Park. kids ran between 7.5-13.5 miles followed by 10 x 100m.  Those competing tomorrow ran  20:00 easy and strides.

Friday  1/26/18- top kids competing at counties ran 7 (gals @ 7:15/ mi) to 8.5 (dudes @6:25/ mi) followed by 6x150m.  most kids ran 15m up- SDS(8) followed by  SDS(8) and 6x300m fast followed by 8x60m fast with overunders- 2 laps down.  Top runners finished with this week’s core- 50 pushups and 160 situps.

Thursday 1/25/18-to ladies ran 2 miles up, Stretch, 5200m at LT (21:07 – 6:30/ mi), dudes ran 6k at LT (20:19)- @ 5:24/ mi. 2 laps down. core of 50 pushups and 160 situps.

Wednesday 1/24/18-most kids ran 15:00 up,  4.25 miles at 90% followed by  12x100m.  Those competing this weekend ran 15:000 up- SDS (8) 10 x 200m at 800m pace (125m jog) 2 laps down and lift – 35 pullups, 5×5 bench press, 3×5 deadlift.

Tuesday 1/23/18-pushups (50) followed by 160 sit ups 6-8.5 miles, top dogs and doggettes ran 6x150m form drills

Monday 1/22/18-10:00 warm-up, followed by 4 x 100m and most kids ran 16-25x400m on a 2:10, 2:40, or 3:00 cycle.  Top dogs ran 4 x 800m with full rest (7 min) times were 2:11, 2:10, 2:07, 2:03 for top guys, gals ran an 800m at goal mile (Kavya led in 2:29) followed by full rest and 3 x 500 at 1:31, 1:33, 1:33 with 5 min rest and 2 x 400 at 71 and 70 .  Maddie and Jillian ran 2 x 2000m at 3200 pace followed by 4×400 at 81..  everyone ran 2 laps down. squatters squatted 3 sets of back squat (120- 155,) and 3 sets of front squats 1000-125.

Week of 1/15/18

Sunday 1/20/18-top guys run 8.5 miles steady at 6:20/ mile followed by 10 x 1000m

SATURDAY 1/19/18- PRACTICE AT HIGH SCHOOL SOUTH 8:30 AM- Bunch of different workouts-most kids warmed up for 15 min, SDS (8) followed by 30-40 x 200m with 125m jog dudes who races yesterday ran 13 miles on TP at 6:30/ mi and completed 10x100m.  Jillian and Maddie ran 2 x 1600m at G 3200m pace followed by 4x400m at a little faster than goal- generous rest.  Ladies MD group ran Bowerman drill 600-200 with 30 rest- Kavya ran 145/35- Kelsey right behind- followed  by a jog and 10x200m fast with 125m rest jog.  Austin Andrew and Lunders ran 4x800m at goal 32 (4 min rest) followed by 8×400 at 70-72 (3 min rest) 2 lap cooldown for everyone.

Friday 1/19/18– distance run of 6-8 mi and upper body lift for top ladies.  Top dudes competed at State Relays- BOYS WIN!!

Thursday 1/18/18-pre meet for dudes, NJ state relays for gals, for those not competing this weekend kids ran 1200m at goal mile effort followed by 8 x 75m sprints.

Wednesday 1/17/18-either pre meet for gals or run of between 6-8.5 miles.

Tuesday 1/16/17-45 pushups, 150 situps, most kids ran 3 miles easy followed by 3 miles  progressive led by top dudes in 16:45 finished with 10 x 100m.  Those expected to compete this weekend ran 3-4 miles up, 3 (ladies)-3.5 (dudes) at around LT followed by 10x100m barefoot strides, dudes deadlifted 180 lbs (3×5) and benched 105. (5×5)

Monday 1/15/18-15 min up, SDS (8) dev group ran between 16-24x 400m on a 2:15,  2:45, and 3:00 cycle. Those expected to run this weekend ran 600-800m at goal pace followed by 10x 200m at  30 (dudes)- 35 (ladies), 2 laps down and squat routine.


Peddie Meet

Peddie Meet 1

Peddie Meet 1/9

Order of Events


Athletic Center GPS address, 155 Etra Rd.

1) 45 Hurdles/Shot

2) 45 Dash

3) High Jump-starts after Dash

4) 1600

5) 400

6) 800

7) 200

8) 3200

9) 4X400/Mile Relay (V Only)

Girls first in Field events

Boys first on the track

Tentative Distance Lineup.

Event Dudes Gals
1600 VJ, Patrick Lee, Patrick Rancan, Cole N, Austin True, Adi, J Sauer, Andrew C Turcanununu, Stucker, Madu, Chelsea, Jillian, Lea, Maddy V, Chloe W
800 Connor, Austin T, Cole N Lauren, Isabelle, Kelsey K, Mary P, Alexandra P,  Jiya, Anna, Navya
3200 Kunal, Raj, Ninad, the Benefactor, Ben J Jillian, Maddy, Molly

I would also like Kelsey, Cole and Austin to run 4×4.

Week of 1/8/17

Sunday 1/14/18- off or 80m recovery run and 10 x 100m

Saturday 1/13/18-either Lavino relays or long run of between 10- 14.5 miles.

Friday 1/12/18-either pre meet or 1200m time trial followed by 75 m sprints.

Thursday 1/11/18-distance run or peddie meet

Wednesday 1/10/18-moderate run followed by mile reps at 75% of max- top gals ran 6:30/ mi- top dudes 5:45

Tuesday 1/9/18– 15: 00 up SDS (8) followed by developmental groups ran 18-25x 375m in our parking lot on a 2:10, 2:40 and 3:20- top dogs and doggettes ran through their goal paces with generous rest.  Top guys ran 2 x 750m (2:10/2:08) at goal 3200 pace followed by 8 x 375m (59,57,59,58,57,58,59,56) at goal mile pace, top ladies ran 2 x 750m (2:27, 2:28)  at goal mile pace followed by 6 x 375 at between 800-1600m goal pace short cooldown followed by squat routine.  Other pirates competed at Peddie- some great marks were made Jillian won the distance events, plenty of PR’s over 800m King Kong Lundy took the 800, Ninad and Ben Fanta impressed in the 3200.

Monday 1/8/18-please run 70 minutes on a treadmill or safe road at maintenance pace- top guys are going to run 10 miles at 6:20/mi, top ladies 8.5 at 7:20/ mi.  I will post race assignments tonight if I can. Peddie bus leaves at 5:30- meet begins at 6:30!

Week of 1/1/17

Sunday 1/7/17-practice at HSS at 12:00 pm (outside).  Kids ran between 6.5-7.25 miles in horribly cold weather (15 deg) but with littlw wind, kids benched 60-70 lbs and deadlifted 125-165.

Saturday 1/6/17-practice at HSS at 8:30 am (inside) 50 minutes of running inside on a very tight loop, 20 minutes were very up tempo. Kids went through their back squat and front squat routine.

Friday 1/5/17– either bundle up tremendously and head outside or get on a treadmill- workout is 10 minutes easy,  20 min at 90% effort, 10 minutes easy. tummy time of 40/40/ 110x 2




Wednesday 1/3/17– those not competing ran 4-7 miles followed by strides, those competing ran at CVC relays.

Tuesday 1/2/17– 15:00 up for most, followed by quick stretch and …developmental A dudes 20 x 400m on a 2:14 c, Dev B dudes and DA gals 16x400m on a 2:45 c and DC 14x400m on a 3:15 c, 2 laps down.  Those competing tomorrow ran 40m at 6:20 (dudes) -7:20 (gals) pace followed by 10 x 100m and 2 sets of tummy time ( 30/30/100).

Monday 1/1/17-run OYO or off.