Week of 10/23/17

Saturday 10/28/17-Thompson Park for longish run of between 9-13 miles followed by sprints down the finish chute.

Friday 10/27/17-Bowl Beater! 25 min warmup- SDS (8) followed by…Justin led the dudes in 9:52- 40 seconds rest- 69 400, 40 sec rest, 1600 in 5:06, Julia led the ladies in 11:33, 57 sec rest, 400 in 87, 40 sec rest, mile in 5:42.  Most of other kids ran 12 x 200m with full 200m rest.

Thursday 10/26/17-Same as Tuesday

Wednesday 10/25/17-top guys and gas ran 5k- 4.2 miles at threshold, Most kids ran 12 x 400m with a 200m sprint on very short cycles

Tuesday 10/24/17-50 minutes steady on grass after BIG 22’s

Monday 10/23/17-2 miles up, SDS (8) followed by- most kids ran 6 x 900m on a 3:30, 4, or 4:30 cycle. Top dogs ran 5 x 1 mile on a 8:00 cycle, top guys avg’d 4:58, top ladies ran 4 x 1 mile on a 9 min cycle, 2 laps down squatters back squatted 135-145 lbs , 5 sets of 5.

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