Week of 9/25/2007

Saturday 9/30/17– most kids ran between 9-13.5 miles followed by 20 x 100m, top groups of dudes ran 13.5 at 6:15/mi followed by 1 mile at 4:58-5;25 followed by 10 x 100m, top ladies ran 11.5 miles and 1 x kicker at 6:15 followed by 20 x 100m

Friday 9/29/17-CBA MEET RESULTS ——->HERE <——-click on it!!!!! Top group of dudes attempted a bowl beater, times are listed here—>

Top ladies ran 2 miles up, SDS (8) and 4 x 1 mile at Goal 5k with full rest (7 min), times were as follows- KK- 538/539/541/543, Julia- 546/544/542/538, Liz- 544/544/548/543, Jillian- 549/556/601/600, Kavya- 557/557/602/552, Sam- 605/606/610/605. the rest of the gals ran 6 x 1k on a 15 second shorter cycle than last week (5:00-5:30).

Thursday 9/28/17-most boys did BIG 10’s, team stretch, 40 minutes on grass, 11x 150m form work, Top guys did BIG 19’s,  ran 1.7 miles to Alan Slepman Field, 7 miles at 6:10 pace on grass, 1.3 miles home – 10 on the day, ladies performed BIG 19’s, ran 6-7 miles, did 11×150 form drills.

Wednesday 9/27/17-BIG 19’s!!!!! Followed by…most kids ran between 6-8 miles on grass followed by 20 x 100m barefoot strides on a cycle, top guys ran 2.2 miles easy followed by 5 miles in 29:30 and 20x 100m barefoot.  Squatters front squatted 105-115 lbs.

Tuesday 9/26/17– either a 5k race or 11 mile run at MCP

Monday 9/25/17-most kids got in a quick stretch followed by 6-8 miles and 11×150.  Top couple of guys ran 2 miles up, 10x 800m at lt (2:43) followed by 3 miles steady and low bar squats of 135 lbs.

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