Week of 7/24/17

Friday 7/28/17-Big 10’s followed by lower leg drills followed by 15 minutes SDS  (8) and 1400m at goal 5k followed by 2 laps easy and 15x100m sprints with 15 body weight squats after each sprint- 2 laps down, squatters performed 5 x 5 of low bar squats at 75-85 lbs.

Thursday 7/27/17– segmented run 30/30/10-20 followed by strides.

Wednesday 7/26/17-90 minutes, kids ran between 9-13.5 miles in 90 min followed by 12×100

Tuesday 7/25/17– core and stretching followed by 5-8 miles and strides.  5x 5 front squats at 70-80 lbs.

Monday 7/24/17- 15 minutes up,Quick stretch, top dudes ran 7 miles steady followed by 1 fast kicker at around 5:40 followed by 12×100.  Top ladies ran 6 miles steady followed by a kicker led by KK in 6:23, developmental group ran between 5- 6 miles on the loop. Mileage 7-10

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