Week of 7/17/17- the date is a sign of our season of destiny

Friday 7/21/17– quick stretch, SDS (8) followed by 1200m at goal 5k followed by 2 laps easy and 14x 100 followed by 14 squats, 2 laps down, squatters squatted 70-80lbs 5 x 5.

Thursday 7/20/17-quick stretch, core, 60-70:00 of easy running followed by 12 x 100.

Wednesday 7/19/17– 9-12 miles followed by 12 x 100. Top guys ran 80 min, top gals 11-12.

Tuesday 7/18/17- Big 8’s followed by lower leg drills and stretching.  Top guys ran 7.25 miles and 12×100 followed by 5 x 5 front squats at 70 lbs, Top gals ran 6.2 miles followed by 12×100 barefoot followed by 5 sets of 5 reps at 60 lbs front squat. Developmental groups ran between 4.2-5 miles and 12 x 100m.

Monday 7/17/17- 15 minutes up SD,  top dudes ran 7 miles on the Rosedale Loop, top gals ran 6, Developmental groups ran between 4-5 miles- everyone ran 12 barefoot strides after.

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