Week of 5/15/17

Saturday 5/20/17- Mercer County Champs! 

Friday 5/19/17-recovery run

Thursday 5/18/17-Holmdel Twilight! Kelsey runs 5:06!!!!!!

Wednesday 5/17/17– Light run followed by 150s for top groups, everyone else did pre meet(offday) of 15 min.

Tuesday 5/16/17–  Top dudes and girls did 45-50 minutes and 150s, everyone else did 40 minutes and 150s

Monday 5/15/17– BIG 21’s followed by 15:00 up, SDS (8) and…

Top dogs conquered 5 x 400 on a 2:10 cycle avg’ing 64, followed by 2 laps easy and 6 x 200 in 29-30 with full rest, 2 laps down and heavy squat. Top ladies ran the same workout but avg’d 74 on a 2:30 cycle, everyone else ran the same workout with a 1:1 ratio of their goal to rest pace. God day- Pirates are ready.

Week of 5/8/17

What’s your excuse?

Sunday 5/14/17–  hour easy OYO

Saturday 5/13/17– Big 21’s followed by exercises and 30 minutes in the rain.

Friday 5/12/17– 15 minutes up SDS  (8) followed by ….12 x 400m on a 2:10-3:00 cycle at goal mile pace, top dogs ran some supplementary (6×200) everyone finished with 10 x 100m.  easy cooldown, those who ran a workout yesterday ran 55 minutes easy.

Thursday  5/11/17– BIG 20’s.  most kids ran 7-8 miles on grass plus 8 x 150 to work on form and pace. Those who ran the easy workout yesterday ran 15:00 up, SDS (8) followed by …MD ran 650 @ G800 ppace followed by a bried 25 second rest followed by an aggressive 150m – 2 laps easy and 8 x 300 in an avg of 44, LD guys ran 1300m at goal mile led by Ryan J in 3:37 followed by 45 sec rest followed by 300m aggressive, led in 48 s, 7 minutes easy jog followed by 10 x 400m at goal mile pace on a 2:10 avg, 2 laps easy followed by heavy squats.

Wednesday 5/10/17– either meet at Princeton or ..many top dogs started with BIG 20- followed by a quick 15 min easy, SDS (8) followed by 1600m at 5:15, 2 x 800 at 2:400 followed by 6 x 200m in 30, 2 laps down- dev group ran the same workout they ran on weds.

Tuesday 5/9/17– quick team meeting followed by BIG 20’s and 45-55 minutes on grass followed by form 150’s.

Monday 5/8/17- BIG 20’s followed by 15 minutes up, SDS (8) and 10 x 400m on a 2:10-3:00 cycle trying to hit reps at 1600 goal pace and keeping rest interval at a 1:1 ratio, 2 laps down 6 x 150, 2 laps down.  Squatters squatted.

Week of 5/1/17


Monday 5/1/17-BIG 19s!!! followed by 20 minutes up to Community Park , SDS (8) followed by 5 x 800 on a 4:40-6:30 cycle ( 1:1 interval ratio) kids ran on a rolling grass 800m loop, dudes led the group in 230/230/224/228/221, ladies ran 250/246/248/251/247 everyone finished with 18 x 100m strides and a mile or so cooldown.