Week of 4/24/17

Saturday 4/29/17– 9 miles followed by either 20 x 100m or 1-2 kickers followed by 20 x 1000m.  Kevin ran 600/200 in 1:26/ 29 followed by 9 x 300 in 44 avg.

Friday 4/28/17-most kids ran 15 minutes up- SDS (8) followed by 3 x 1100m at G32 pace followed by a fast 400m 10 seconds after the last 1100. Rest interval 1:1. MD group ran 600/200 followed by 9 x 300.

Thursday 4/27/17-those attending the magical Junior extravaganza ran for 50 minutes and finished with a 1200m kicker at G32 pace followed by a few fast 200’s.

Wednesday 4/26/17– BIG 18’s plus thanks to Serena, Julio, and Justin- lower legs exercises followed by 15 minutes up and SDS (8)  followed by  6 x 800 on a 4:40-6:30 cycle.  Top guys ran 221/224/222/219/220/217, top ladies ran 245/ 241/243/243/241/241 on a 5:30 cycle. 2 laps down followed by heavy squat routine (5 sets x 5 reps)

Tuesday 4/25/17– BIG 18’s and plenty of other drills and stretching- then kids ran 50 minutes in pouring rain.

Monday 4/24/17– either a duel meet at Notre Dame or 6*800m on a 5-6 minute cycle with typical warm up and cooldown routine.



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