Week of 4/3/17-

Saturday 4/8/17– 10 min up- 10 mile time trial- 5-10 minutes down.  Kevin led the dudes in 58:40, Kelsey led the ladies in 70.

Friday 4/7/17-Big 10’s followed by 15 minutes  up, SDS (8) followed by fast 800’s with full rest.   Top dogs ran 7 x 800, first 4 800’s were at 3200m goal, last 3 were at 1600m goal, 10 minutes cycle, top gals ran 6 x 800 with first 4 at goal 32, last 2 at goal 16.  Everyone else ran 6 x 800m with full rest HARD, 2 laps down.

Thursday 4/6/17– horrible weather day- we did a crap load of core, BIG 16’s followed by a ton of other exercises followed by 20 minutes steady indoors, 10 minutes fast, 5 minutes easy and a heavy squat routine.

Wednesday 4/5/17-9 miles run for those who competed yesterday, for those who didnt they ran 1.6 miles to Lewis Chamberlain Park, ran 6 x 800m , ran home.  Squatters squatted heavy.

Tuesday 4/4/17– meet or recovery run.

Monday 4/3/17– Those competing tomorrow ran an hour or so and got in 10 x 150m form strides. Those not competing got in 6 x800m with full rest at goal 3200 pace. Core before (Big 16 plus free weight squats)

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