Week of 3/6/17

Saturday 3/11/17-9- 16.2 miles plus strides.

Friday 3/10-17-60 minute run and heavy squats

Thursday 3/9/17-had to move up friday’s practice due to impending weather concerns, kids ran two miles or so up, did some drills and exercises than 8 strides.  Kids then ran 1k at mile goal pace, followed by a 1 minute rest and an all out 400, developmental groups ran 1k only, everyone finished with 10 x 75m sprints.

Wednesday 3/8/17-quick strength building followed by 10 min run and 3.1-4.25 miles at a good clip, Top duders and gals performed 4 x 800 at CV pace followed by 4 x 200 at goal mile, heavy squats after.

Tuesday 3/7/17– recovery run 50 minutes – 9 miles on grass followed by 20 x 100m

Monday 3/6/17- 15 min up, SDS(8) followed by 8-30x400m on a 2:10/2:15/2:25/2:30 cycle. 2 laps down and core to finish the day.

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