Week of 3/27/17

Saturday 4/2/17– due to the horrible weatheer the Pirates were forced to run 7-12 miles on pavement

Friday 4/1/17– recovery run

Thursday 3/30/17– kids did core with Captain Core, 15 ups! and calf raises!! 15 minutes SDS (8) followed by ….most kids did a mile time trial led by Connor Lundy in 4:52 and followed closely by super frosh Austin in 4:53, VJ finally broke 5 with a 4:55!!! Gia led the ladies with 5:57 followed closely by Isabelle in 5:59!!!!!!!  group finished with power!!! 20 x 100m with over unders.  Top MD group ran 8 x 400m alternating between mile goal pace and 800m gooal pace , rest was abt 5 minutes,Kevin led the guys in 63, 60, 61, 58, 62, 58, 63, 61, Sam and Mita led the MD ladies in 73, 71, 78, 70, 79, 69, 78, 70. 2 laps down and stretching top LD dudes ran 6 x 800 with ample rest (8 min) alternating between goal 32 and goal 16, splits were 220/ 211/ 219/ 210/ 220/ 211 for the dudes, Kelsey led the way in 243/ 231/ 242/ 235/ 244/ 236 with Jillian very close behind. 2 laps down. Great day kids

Wednesday 3/29/17–  6-7-5 miles steady for most kids followed by 20 x 100m, top dogs ran 2 miles steady followed by 5 miles at 6:05/ mi followed by 4 x 800 in 2:35 and 2 laps down.  Top ladies ran 2 miles up, 4 – 5 miles up tempo- followed by 4 x 800 at 3:05.  Jillian led the ladies in around 6:52 pace for 5.

Tuesday 3/28/17– quick core with the Core Master followed by 50 minutes on grass and mud followed by 5 x 150m/ 100m strides.

Monday 3/27/17– 15 minutes up- SD, followed by 18- 30 x 400m on a 2:00-3:00 cycle.  Top ladies ran 27 x 400m on a 2:15 c,2 laps down and heavy squats.

Week of 3/20/17

Congrats to Jillian for Ripping a half marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday 3/25/17– 10-16.2 miles and strides.

Friday 3/24/17– Big 10’s x 2 with the Big Dog followed by 15 minutes up, SDS (8), 1000m at goal mile pace followed by 10 x 75m with drills, top groups rested for 30 seconds after their 1k and ripped a 400m.

Thursday 3/23/17– calf raises followed by a much needed recovery day finishing with 20 x 100m on the access rd. 5-9 miles.

Wednesday 3/22/17– super charged edition of Coach Wayton core followed by 10 minutes easy and 3-4 miles of up tempo running followed by either 20x100m or 4x 800 at cv followed by 4×200 at goal mile pace.  Heavy squats after.

Tuesday 3/21/17- hardcore exercising with Coach Wayton followed by 2.2  up, – top dudes ran 5 miles at 6:10/ mi followed by 12 x 100m, top gals ran 4 miles  at 6:50/ mi and a mile down for 7.2.

Monday 3/20/17- lower leg drills followed by 15:00 jog and SD.  Top guys ran 30x 400 on a 2:05 c, Top gals ran 27*400m on a 2:20 c, everyone else ran between 16-26*400m on a 2:15-3:00 c.  Heavy squats after.

Week of 3/13/17

Saturday 3/18/17– 7-12 miles easy.

Friday 3/17/17– flip flopped from yesterday, developmental crew ran 60 minutes steady and top groups ran 40*100. Heavy squats after

Thursday 3/16/17– top group of guys and gals ran for 60 minutes in the parking lot, developmental group warmed up and performed 40 x 100m sprints with brief rest periods.

Wednesday 3/15/17-developmental group got in 30 minutes of running and 30 minutes of exercising.  Top groups got in 30 minutes of exercising followed by 5-6* 825m at CV pace.  quick cooldown. Heavy Squats after


Monday 3/13/17–  kids warmed up with some drills ran 15 minutes before embarking on a very hard interval workout.  Top dudes ran 30 x 400 on a 2:05 c (last 400 was 65), Timmy Magoun ran 40 x 400 on the same cycle. Top gals ran 27 x 400 on a 2:20 c, Lizzie P ran a few more.  Rest of the pirates ran at least 20 x 100m on a 2:15-3:00 cycle.  Heavy squats after.

Week of 3/6/17

Saturday 3/11/17-9- 16.2 miles plus strides.

Friday 3/10-17-60 minute run and heavy squats

Thursday 3/9/17-had to move up friday’s practice due to impending weather concerns, kids ran two miles or so up, did some drills and exercises than 8 strides.  Kids then ran 1k at mile goal pace, followed by a 1 minute rest and an all out 400, developmental groups ran 1k only, everyone finished with 10 x 75m sprints.

Wednesday 3/8/17-quick strength building followed by 10 min run and 3.1-4.25 miles at a good clip, Top duders and gals performed 4 x 800 at CV pace followed by 4 x 200 at goal mile, heavy squats after.

Tuesday 3/7/17– recovery run 50 minutes – 9 miles on grass followed by 20 x 100m

Monday 3/6/17- 15 min up, SDS(8) followed by 8-30x400m on a 2:10/2:15/2:25/2:30 cycle. 2 laps down and core to finish the day.

Week of 2/27/17

Saturday 3/4/17-Practice at 8:00 am at Turning Basin Park!!!!!! 9-16.2 miles steady.

Friday 3/3/17-1st Day of Spring Track!!! warm up- 15 min SDS (8) followed by 800m at Goal mile pace followed by 20*60m with over unders.  2 laps down

Tuesday 2/28/17-Thursday 3/2/17-  Mileage OYO

Monday 2/27/17-1.6 miles up, 35-40x 300 on a 1:40-1:50 cycle. 1.6 down.