Week of 2/20/17

Saturday 2/24/17-11-16.2 miles steady.

Friday 2/23/17– 2 miles up (SDS 8) followed by 500m time trial, top guys 72, top gal 82, followed by 20 x 60m with over unders.

Wednesday 2/22/17– Everyone ran a Woodmere loop, leaders ran 18:20.  Top guys and girls ran a faster second loop, leaders ran 16:50, and finished with 10x100m. everyone who didn’t run the second loop ran 30x100m.

Tuesday 2/21/17– Kelsey and Serena ran 55 minutes and got in a few form 150’s followed by core.

Monday 2/20/17– 15 min up up SDS  (8)

Top Group of LD duders attempted to run 3 x (1200 (3:45)/800 (2:25)) with 2 min rest int followed by 4*200 (100 float/ 100 fast) Timmy Magoun made it thr whole way with Coach Karn- as soon as others would bow out they’d join the 400 crew., Kelsey and Serena ran 800m in 2:27/2:28 followed by 2 laps easy and 8 x 200 in 33 with generous rest walk (125m). Developmental groups ran ..

A- 28*400 (2:15c)

B- 26*400 (2:30)

C- 22-24*400 (2:45)

2 laps down followed by core and squats.

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