Week of 2/6/17

Saturday 2/11/17– 8 am practice at high school!!!!!!!

Friday 2/10/17-most kids  ran 15 min up followed by drills followed by 40-100x100m in parking lot on a 30/40 and 50s cycle followed by 15 min down. those competing next friday got in various segments of pace work in lot’s 375m loop followed by a few fast 300s. heavy back squats after.

Thursday 2/9/17– easy run OYO during snow day!!!!

Wednesday 2/8/17-most kids ran 10 min up- stretch, then 4.25 miles hard followed by 9 x 300m with a 60-70m walk rest followed by two laps down.  Kevin and Josh ran an hour on soft stuff.   Kelsey and Serena warmed up 15 min, SDS (8) followed by a 1200 in 3:51 (2:30 at 800), 5 min rest, 800 in 2:31, 5 min rest, 800 in 2:34, 400m jog then 2 x ( 400 in 72-73 (1st 200 in 38, 2nd fast))- 2 laps down.  Good day. Great weather.

Tuesday 2/7/17- 2 miles up, SDS (8). Kevin ran 3 x (500m..100m jog 200 fast) followed by 2 x 200m in 28 (15/13), Josh ran 2 x 1600 in 4:47/4:48 (5 min rest) followed by an 800 in 2:11 (63/68).  Tim and Kelsey went home sick.

Monday 2/6/17– 2 miles  SDS (8) kids ran between 18-24 x 400m on a 2:15/2:30/2:45c, 2 laps down.   Those competing at States ran a long run at TBP of 85 minutes at maintenance pace.

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