Week of 12/12/16

Saturday 12/17/16 Sunday 12/18/16- assignments as followed.

Top Groups of guys and gals (MD and LD) 75 minutes at 6:30/ mi (dudes) – 7:40/mi (ladies) followed by 20  x 100m on a 35 (dude)-45 (ladies) cycle. Everyone else must run 60 minutes at a pace that is 2 minutes slower per mile than your current best mile pace, ie if you’re best mile is 5:00 I’d like you to  shoot for 7 min pace, finish with 20 x 100 on a 60s cycle. hold each other accountable!!!!

Friday 12/16/16- leg drills followed by 3.1-4.3 miles up tempo- top group finished with 10x 100m on a 30-40 sec cycle.  Top guys group ran 24:30 (5:42/mi)- Kelsey led the gals in 27:42 (6:25/mi)

Thursday 12/15/16– indoors due to rough temps and wind. leg drills followed by 15:00 easy, 20:00 up tempo, 5 min easy,  followed by core and squats.

Wednesday 12/14/16-15 min up, SDS (8) followed by…

Most kids ran a 900m time trial followed by 12 x 60m sprints. MD guys and gals ran 4*500m with full 7:30 rest led by Kevin in 72/73/74/76 and a 400m in 60-61, Sam led the MD girls in 90/92/90/90.  LD group ran 3 x 800m at GMP with full rest (8 min) in 2:12/2:11/2:10 led by Magoun, Kelsey led the ladies in 2:31/2:31/2:30 followed by 12 x 60m sprints.

Tuesday 12/13/16– progressive run. 4-6 miles.

Monday 12/12/16-  quick leg drills followed by 15:00 up SDS (8) and …Top dogs ran 1800m at G32 pace followed by an 8 min jog and 900 at goal mile pace followed by 8 x 400m on a 2:20 cycle averaging 72-3, 2 laps down.  LD ladies ran the same workout but with 6 x 400 on a 2:30 cycle (KK avg’d 78).  MD groups ran 900m at GMP- led by K Huds in 2:25 followed by 8 min jog and 500 in 72 (goal 800) and 8 x 200m in 30.  MD ladies were a little slow so they had to run a 400 in 70 after 500 and they finished with 6 x 200 in 34.  Developmental group ran a 900m time trial followed by 6 x 400 on a 2:20, 2:40, 3:00 cycle.  Core group ended with 2 x 4:30 situps.

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