Week of 12/5/16

Saturday 12/10/16– 7-11.5 miles steady MD dude did 3xmile (5:3-20) LD group did 2xmile (dudes:5:23,5:18, 6:09,6:02) everyone did 10-20 strides on a 40 sec cycle.

Friday 12/09/16– Hour Run

Thursday 12/8/16– form drills followed by 15 :00 up- SDS (8) and…most kids ran 850m time  trial followed by 12 x 60m and 2 laps down.  Top LD kids ran 900m at goal mile pace led by Magoun in 2:32, 8:00 jog- 800 in 2:11 followed by 12x60m sprints, LD ladies hit 2:58, 2:35, and a supplemental 400 in 72.  MD kids ran 2 x 500 rest 30 sec- sprint 100. 500 was scheduled to be in 71 for the dudes and followed with a supplemental 300/ 100. MD  Gals were a little slow and had to repeat a few reps.500’s were in 1:30, 1:31, 1:32 and a 400 in 70. Serna had to run a 300 at end in 52.4- everyone finished with the same 60m sprints and 2 laps down followed by 2 x 4:15 of sit ups and some  kids performed 2 x 7 repsof front squats and 2 x 10 reps of speed cleans.

Wednesday 12/7/16–  2.2 mile to Conover Park.  top dogs ran 5 miles in 29:17- top ladies ran 4 miles in 26:15 top dudes then ran a 600m kicker in 1:38 (ladies 2:06) MD dudes ran a 2:20 800.  MD ladies ran a 400m in 75-80.  Dev. group ran 2.2, 4 and 5 miles at a good pace then ran 10x 100m strides.  Core group did 2 x 4:15 of sit ups.

Tuesday 12/6/16– Form drills followed by 2-3 miles steady followed by 2-3 miles progressive, last 600m hard. top guys ran 16:57.

Monday 12/5/16– quick drills followed by 15 min up- SDS (8) and …Ld Dudes hit 1700m at goal 3200 pace followed by an 8 min jog and 850m at goal mile.  Tim led the dudes in 5:06/2:23. Kelsey led the ladies in 5:56/2:43.  After two laps easy the kids ran 4 x 200m at 30/35 and 2 laps easy. MD ran 850m in around 2:17 followed by 7 min easy and 425m at goal 800. Developmental groups ran 850m time trial led by King Kong Lundy followed by 4 x 400m on a 2:20/2:40/3:00 cycle.

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