Updated Cheat Sheet for JV States

Cheat Sheet JV States 11/2/16

Thompson Park, Forsgate Dr. Monroe N.J

Bus leaves at 1:00 P.M.

Warm up– 15 minutes, stretch, report to line 20 min. before start for drills and 8 x 100m strides.

JV Girls Champs-Julio, Serena, Mita, Jess C, Maddy , Edwina, Hesterberg

JV Boys Champs– Kevin, Jake, Dexter, Adhwin, George, Austin, Conor.

Boys Blue– Vijay, Gordon, Chamberlin, Manny, Max, Dean, Nishad

Race Last Meal Warm Up Report to Line Gun
JV Girls Champs 12:00 2:00 2:40 3:00
JV Boy Champs 12:20 2:20 3:00 3:20
JV Girls Open 12:40 2:40 3:20 3:40
JV Boys Blue 1:00 3:00 3:40 4:00
JV Boys Red 1:20 3:20 4:00 4:20

Cooldown is 5 min jog and 5 x 100m.  This is NOT OPTIONAL.

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