Winter Track Week #1 11/28-12/3

Saturday 12/03/16– 9-11 miles steady top dogs and dogettes ran 800m fast followed by 800m easy.  Those who did not complete the 800m kicker did 10 strides.

Friday 12/02/16– Hour Run

Thursday 12/01/16– 15 min up followed by SDS 8 LD groups repeated Mondays workout followed by 10x60m 2 laps down. MD group did 2x400m @ goal 800m followed by 10x60m.  Developmental did an 800m TT and 10x60m.

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Wednesday 11/30/16– quick leg drills followed by 2.2 miles to Conover Park.  top dogs ran 5 measured miles in 28:45 (5:45/ mi) and a 600m kicker led by Kevin Hudson in 1:38 (4:20ish pace). short cooldown.  Kelsey and Julio led the ladies in 34:xx.  their 600 was in around 2 flat (5:20)


Tuesday 11/29/16- Form drills followed by 2-3 miles steady and 2-3 miles progressive.

Monday 11/28/16-  15 min up followed by SDS. Top group did 1600m @ goal 3200m pace(Boys 4:43/Girls 5:31) 8 minute jog and 800m at goal 800m pace(Boys 2:08/Girls 2:35). 2 Laps down followed by core and team stretch.  Mid-D did 800m in 2:06, 7 min jog and 400m in 56-57.  B group did an 800m TT followed by a 400m TT lead by Cole Newsworth in 2:18 and Calen Yao in 63.

Week of 11/7/16

Sunday 11/13/16-Kelsey runs a nice long run  and a few strides.

Saturday 11/12/16-  bad day.

Friday 11/11/16-  easy distance

Thursday 11/10/16-easy distance

Wednesday 11/9/16-easy distance

Tuesday 11/8/16- easy walk through

Monday 11/7/16– steady run of between 8.5-9.5 miles followed by 10 x 100m for those scheduled to compete this weekend.  Alternated ran classic 4-3-2-1.  Jake led the dudes in 4:42/3:39/2:18/64 rest= half the distance of last rep. Serena and Julia ran 5:40/4:15/2:47/75.   2 sets of 100/30/30 TT after workout.

Updated Cheat Sheet for JV States

Cheat Sheet JV States 11/2/16

Thompson Park, Forsgate Dr. Monroe N.J

Bus leaves at 1:00 P.M.

Warm up– 15 minutes, stretch, report to line 20 min. before start for drills and 8 x 100m strides.

JV Girls Champs-Julio, Serena, Mita, Jess C, Maddy , Edwina, Hesterberg

JV Boys Champs– Kevin, Jake, Dexter, Adhwin, George, Austin, Conor.

Boys Blue– Vijay, Gordon, Chamberlin, Manny, Max, Dean, Nishad

Race Last Meal Warm Up Report to Line Gun
JV Girls Champs 12:00 2:00 2:40 3:00
JV Boy Champs 12:20 2:20 3:00 3:20
JV Girls Open 12:40 2:40 3:20 3:40
JV Boys Blue 1:00 3:00 3:40 4:00
JV Boys Red 1:20 3:20 4:00 4:20

Cooldown is 5 min jog and 5 x 100m.  This is NOT OPTIONAL.

Week of 10/31/16

Sunday 11/6/16- recovery run of 65-75 minutes.

Saturday 11/5/16- Sectionals! Boys do well!!!

Friday 11/4/16- either a pre meet run or a bowl beater for our alternates!!!

Thursday 11/3/16

Wedensday 11/2/16– 15 min up followed SDS and 5k race results here. Five and Five to cool down.  Varsity got in steady distance followed by strides.

Tuesday 11/1/16– Pre-meet or steady mileage for varsity(no strides)

Monday 10/31/16- most kids got in steady mileage 5-7.  finishing with 10 x 100.  top dogs got in 15 minutes up, SDS (8) followed by 2 x 7 laps at goal 5k pace with 6 minutes rest in between, short cool down and core followed.