Week of 10/3/16

Saturday 10/8/16– 10-14.5 miles and 10 x 100m

Friday 10/7/16– 10 min wall sit- 3/2/2 followed by 25 minute warm up 6-8*800 followed by 10-20x 100m and a short jog back to school for core.  Great workout- you guys are going to be ready!!!!


Thursday 10/6/16– 6-10 miles and strides .

Wednesday 10/5/16Pirates get back on track!! Great job dudes and gals!!!!!!  Results will be posted shortly!!! Top dogs ran 2 miles up-SDS (8) followed by 5k race, 5 miles down , everyone else ran the same warm up and 20 minutes easy followed by 20 strides.  gals did a bit shorter (10 and 10.)

xc16grid-boys xc16grid-girls

Tuesday 10/4/16– kids ran between 4-7 miles on grass followed by 20 x 100m on a short cycle.

Monday 10/3/16–  5k at MCP, 4*1300m at a little slower then race pace followed by 2.5-3 miles and 20 x 100m for 8-10 on the morning.

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