Week of 10/24/16

Sunday 10/30/16– steady distance OYO

Saturday 10/29/16- 9-12 miles and strides.

Friday 10/28/16- Mercer County Champs

Thursday 10/27/16

Wednesday 10/26/16– same as tuesday.

Tuesday 10/25/16- 2*100 situps followed by 3/2/2 and 5 loops on campus and 10*100m on each groups cycle. Tops dogs did 8 miles at 6:25-6:30/ mile(dudes) or 6.5 at 7:30/ mile(ladies) on grass followed by 10*100m on set cycles.

Monday 10/24/16-kids hit a 20 minute warm up , SDS (8) followed by 4 x 800m on a 5-6 min cycle followed by 20 minutes down. Top dogs ran 4*400 on a 1:45(dudes)-2:00(ladies) cycle followed by 3200m at LT and 4 x 400m on the same cycle.

Week of 10/17/16

Saturday 10/20/16-Pirates braved the elements and got in track workout.  Top dogs hit 6 laps at G5k pace short rest 400m all out- 6 laps at 5k pace, top gals did the same.  Everyone else hit 12*400 on a short cycle with a 200m kicker at the end.

Friday 10/19/16– recovery run

Thursday 10/18/16– drills followed by 1.6 miles up , SDS (8) and …top dogs hit 6*800 with a fast 4th 800 on a 4:30 cycle (ladies were 5).  Dudes hit 229/231/232/2:13-18/231/233 1.6 miles down, ladies hit 2:58/2:58/3:02/2:38-2:50/2:58/2:55.  Developmental groups ran montanas (300m) top group did 20 on a 90 sec cycle, 2nd group stuck to a 100s cycle.

Wednesday 10/17/16- 2 sets of sit ups followed by 3/2/2 and 55 minutes on the mile loop. 20x100m on a cycle

Tuesday 10/18/16- 13 minutes warm up followed by SDS and 5k race.  Girls did 20 and 20 at the park.  Boys did mile warm up and 1 mile all out followed by 20x100m on a 40 sec cycle.

Monday 10/17/16- 3/2/2 followed by 20 minutes followed by stretching and drills followed by 20 more minutes followed by 10 strides followed by 10 more minutes followed by 2 sets of 90/30/30

Week of 10/11/16

Saturday 10/15/16-10-11 miles @ 6:25-7:15 (ladies) followed by 1-2x 1 mile at a good clip and 20*100 on a cycle.

COUNTIES DINNER: We will be having a pre counties dinner at Olive Garden next Wednesday the 26th at 6:30.  Fill out this form by Saturday the 22nd(we need to let the restaurant know how many people are coming).


Friday 10/14/16-10/3/2/2 followed by …Those who ran cutdowns yesterday ran 9 miles @ 6:30/mile or 7 miles @ 7:15/mile on grass followed by 20*100m on a 30 or 40 sec cycle.  B boys ran 7 campus loops followed by 20*100m.  Everyone else ran 60 min on campus loop and 20*100m

Thursday 10/13/16– 10/3/2/2 followed by …Most kids hit 15 min up followed by SDS(8) and 14-16*400m on a 2:30/3:00 cycle followed by 2 laps easy.  Top dogs hit 30m up followed by developmental miles of 550/540/530/520/510 with 1 minute rest, followed by 20*100 on a 30s cycle.  Ladies hit same 30 minutes followed by DM of 630/620/610/600 (1 min rest).  Finished with core 90/30/30

Wednesday 10/12/16-practice at 8 am Turning Basin Park!!! 9-11 miles easy.

Tuesday 10/11/16- Bowlbeater!!!! Kids did great!!!!! boys hit 3200m (top 5 under 10- top 7 under 10:06, @ 11 minutes (54-60 seconds rest)- kids ran 400m all out (64-70) after 50-55 seconds rest they ran a mile all out- top dogs hit 5:10, gals were led by Kelsey in 11:39 , @ 13 minutes she ran 77, followed by a minute rest and 5:50, both gals and dudes ran 10 minutes easy and came back with 8 x 400m on a 2:00/2:30 cycle.  Developmental groups ran 6-8x 1000m fast!!!

Monday 10/10/16-10 min wallsit followed by lower leg exercises and 1.6 mile warm up, 4-6 x 800’s at LT with short rest, 1.5 miles to community park to get in loops on grass circuit – finished with 20*100 on grass and core. 6-10 on the day.

Week of 10/3/16

Saturday 10/8/16– 10-14.5 miles and 10 x 100m

Friday 10/7/16– 10 min wall sit- 3/2/2 followed by 25 minute warm up 6-8*800 followed by 10-20x 100m and a short jog back to school for core.  Great workout- you guys are going to be ready!!!!


Thursday 10/6/16– 6-10 miles and strides .

Wednesday 10/5/16Pirates get back on track!! Great job dudes and gals!!!!!!  Results will be posted shortly!!! Top dogs ran 2 miles up-SDS (8) followed by 5k race, 5 miles down , everyone else ran the same warm up and 20 minutes easy followed by 20 strides.  gals did a bit shorter (10 and 10.)

xc16grid-boys xc16grid-girls

Tuesday 10/4/16– kids ran between 4-7 miles on grass followed by 20 x 100m on a short cycle.

Monday 10/3/16–  5k at MCP, 4*1300m at a little slower then race pace followed by 2.5-3 miles and 20 x 100m for 8-10 on the morning.