Week of 9/19/16

Saturday 9/24/16-10-17.5 miles followed by 10 – 20 x 100m for a total of between 11-18

Friday 9/23/16-tons of core followed by an easy run and 20*100m

Thursday 9/22/16-wallsit followed by 3/2/2- 1.6 miles up SD, top dudes ran 11x 800 on a 5:15 cycle in 245/236/236/238/234/237/236/236/229/231/and 215 for Papi and Kevin, ladies ran 10 x 800 in 306/301/302/304/304/306/305/312/254/241 for Julio and Kavya!!!, developmental groups ran 20-25*300 on a 1:40-1:50 cycle, 1.6 down followed by 80/30/30 x 3.

Wednesday 9/21/16-core, lower leg exercises , followed by 6-10 miles and 20x 100m for 7-11 on the day

Tuesday 9/20/16xc16grid-boys xc16grid-girls 2 miles up, 3 mile race 2-5 miles down 6-10 on the day.

videos of race HERE


Monday 9/19/16-9 min wallsit followed by 3/2/2 and 6-9 miles on grass followed by 20*100 on a 35-50s cycle. core after.

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