Week of 8/8/16

Friday 8/12/16- warm up followed by SDS (8) and 1800m at GMP followed by 16-18x 200.

Thursday 8/11/16- timed run

Wednesday 8/10/16- top dogs ran 14.5 followed by 1-2 mile kickers and strides for a total of 16-17.  top ladies ran around 13.

8/9/16- lower leg drills followed by 2.2 miles up and 5 miles uptempo- top dudes 30- top ladies 33-34.  Some ran 800m at G5k pace.  squatters squatted 4 x 20 reps at 55% bw

8/8/16- 10 minutes up followed by tream stretch and drills.  Kids than ran between 6-8 miles led by Kevin and Andrew in 51:30 everyone finished with 10x100m for between 7-9.5

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