Week of 7/25/16


Friday 7/29/16– quick warmup- 1400m at Goal 5k pace followed by 12-16x200m and 2 laps down.

Thursday 7/28/16-timed run totaling  7-9 on grass

Wednesday 7/27/16– top dudes hit 14.5 plus trides for 15- top ladies hit around 12-13 led by Little Jillian!!!! good day!!!!

Tuesday 7/26/16– 7-8 miles followed by 2 laps fast and 2 laps easy. Squatters squatted 4*20 front squats at 50% BW

Monday 7/25/16– quick warm up to beat the heat followed by …

A Dudes- 4 miles- quick hydration- 3 miles

A Gals and B Dudes- 3+3

Developmental Group- 3+2

everyone finished with 10 strides.

Week of 7/18/16-

Friday 7/22/16– warm up followed by 1200m at Goal 5k pace and 10-14x 200m followed by squat regimen.

Thursday 7/21/16– segmented run at MCP

Wednesday 7/20/16-9-13.5 miles followed by 10x 100m .  Top gals ran 11.5.

Tuesday 7/19/16– 4-7 miles followed by an 800 at G 5k pace and 2 laps easy.

Monday 7/18/16-accelerated warm up to beat heat, top dogs hit 2x 3 miles at a good clip, top gals and B dudes hit 3 miles and 2 miles and beginners ran 2×2 miles, 10 strides after, good day.

Week of 7/11/16-

Friday 7/15/16-1k at goal 5k pace followed by fast 200’s (8-12) and lower body lift.

Thursday 7/14/16– segmented run at Mercer Co Park

Wednesday 7/13/16-between 7.5-11.5 on the towpath

Tuesday 7/12/16- 4-7 miles and 800m kicker at goal 5k – upper body lift.

Monday 7/11/16– kids ran between 3-5 miles on the famous Greenway mile loop.

Week of 7/4/16

Friday 7/8/16-kids warm up- run 800m at G5k pace followed by 2 laps easy and 8-10x 200m fast followed by a squat routine.

Thursday 7/7/16- segmented run on grass at Mercer County Park

Weds 7/6/16-1st day of practice- kids run between 5-10 miles with strides.