Week of 5/16/16

Saturday 5/21/16-either mileage or Frosh Soph meet where Pirates kick butt!!!! Ryan wins 1600! Andrew Ma wins 32! Sam Miller wins 1600! Julio wins 32!!!!! Kavya wins 800!!!!!! Kids running sectionals got in a moderate distance run on towpath- Christina and Tim got in 2 easy kickers.

Friday 5/20/16-mileage or pre meet. Christina ran a historic workout- 1000m in 2:53/ 35 sec rest, 200 in 32- 7 minutes rest, 2 x 600m in 1:47/1:50 (3 min rest and 2 x 200 in 29.

Holmdel Twilight– Tim goes wire to wire in 4:10.9 (3rd fastest in school history) fastest in state this year!!!!!

Wednesday 5/18/16- either pre meet or a quick comp at ND. Christina ran through her training zones by completing a 400 (60)-8 (2:19)—32 (lt)—400 (60) workout.

Tuesday 5/17/16-mileage on grass

Monday 5/16/16-Timmy and Crancan hit a few 800’s (5-6) at 10k pace.  Everyone else warmed up and ran fast 200’s.

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