Week of 5/24/16

Friday-Saturday- Sectionals

Thursday 5/27/16– pre meet

Wednesday 5/26/16– quick run and some easy lt work

Tuesday 5/25/16– 6-8 miles on grass a few easy 150’s and lower body lift and TT!!!!

Monday 5/24/16– Those not racing East Coast relays warmed up – 10 x 200m at slightly faster than 800m race pace, cd. Those at ECR did great! Boys and Girls both won the 4×8! Tim anchored in 1:53X!!!!!, Christina ran 2:11X!!!! Kevin Hudson broke 2!!!!!

Week of 5/16/16

Saturday 5/21/16-either mileage or Frosh Soph meet where Pirates kick butt!!!! Ryan wins 1600! Andrew Ma wins 32! Sam Miller wins 1600! Julio wins 32!!!!! Kavya wins 800!!!!!! Kids running sectionals got in a moderate distance run on towpath- Christina and Tim got in 2 easy kickers.

Friday 5/20/16-mileage or pre meet. Christina ran a historic workout- 1000m in 2:53/ 35 sec rest, 200 in 32- 7 minutes rest, 2 x 600m in 1:47/1:50 (3 min rest and 2 x 200 in 29.

Holmdel Twilight– Tim goes wire to wire in 4:10.9 (3rd fastest in school history) fastest in state this year!!!!!

Wednesday 5/18/16- either pre meet or a quick comp at ND. Christina ran through her training zones by completing a 400 (60)-8 (2:19)—32 (lt)—400 (60) workout.

Tuesday 5/17/16-mileage on grass

Monday 5/16/16-Timmy and Crancan hit a few 800’s (5-6) at 10k pace.  Everyone else warmed up and ran fast 200’s.

Week of 5/9/16

Sunday 5/15/16-off or recovery run of 1 hour

Saturday 5/14/16– Mercer County Champs- gals win titles- Tim goes wire to wire in mile! (4:12!!!!) Boys 4 x 4 shatter the field!!!- those who don’t compete run 6-7 miles and strides.

Friday 5/13/16-Pre- meet or 16 x 200.

Thursday 5/12/16- warm up for most- SDS (8) followed by THIS.

Those who raced yesterday went on a regeneration run followed by 150’s, Crancan got in a short LT run

Wednesday 5/11/16-run, race- or 30-40x barefoot strides

Tuesday 5/10/16- 50 minutes on grass, 10-18 x 100m and 1-2 miles on grass.

Monday 5/9/16- 2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by …

Most kids did sets (2-3) of 4 x 400 on a very short cycle (2:00-2:30) 400m jog between sets. 1 mile down.

Tim, Sam, Christina, and Lizbus ran 1k at GMP in heavy traffic and wind, followed by 30 sec rest and a fast 400.

Tim hit 2:36/64, Sam 2:45/65, Christina 3 flat/ 72, Lizbus 3:20-23/ 78.  2 laps easy followed by 2 x800m at GMP and 3 x 300. Tim went 2:07/2:10, Sam 2:12/2:15, Christina -225/226. Lizbus broke 2:40 on both.

Squatters squatted 3 x 7 reps at 130% BW (back)/ 90% (front) TT was 130/40/40

Week of 5/2/16

Sunday 5/8/16- 60-70 minutes, some horrendously sour individuals took off completely.

Saturday 5/7/16- those who raced yesterday ran 9-12 miles and 20 x 100m, Crancan split a 2:12 at the MTwi

Friday 5/6/16-Holmdel Twilight entries HERE

Thursday 5/5/16-pre meet

Wednesday 5/4/16- kids ran between 6-8 miles and ran 10x 150m with TT, Top dudes and dudettes ran 20 up-20 at LT, 2x 800 and 10k pace and 2 laps down. TT and short upper body lift after.

Tuesday 5/3/16-most kids got in 50 minutes on grass followed by 10 strides and an additional 20 minutes. Christina warmed up 2 miles with an unnamed male teammate and ran 1600-1600—800-800- 400-400 with full rest, Christina ran 5:20-5:22-2:26-2:28-65-68.

Monday 5/2/16– 3 miles up to Community Park , SD, kids ran between 6-8x 800m on a 4:30-5:30 cycle.  Tim led the dudes in 8x 800 in a 2:22/2:23 avg on a 4:30 cycle, not bad in wet grass with trainers. Top  Ladies avg’d in the high 2:50’s.  Good day finished with 10 x 100m barefoot sprints and lower body lift (4×8 rps 125/85% BW) and TT (125/40/40)