Week of 4/25/16

Sunday 5/1/16-off or 60-70 minutes and 20 strides

Saturday 4/30/16-either Peddie/ North Tri or long run @ TP, guys hit 9 miles steady before hitting 3-4 cut down miles and 12 strides, Tim led the way in 5:28, 5:20, 5:10, 4:48, Christina ran 7 miles steady and 4 x 1 mile in around 6:10, everyone finished with 10 fast strides

Friday 4/29/16-Christina Tim and Sam went out for between 50-60 minutes , Christina returned to track for 6 laps in 8:47, Tim hit 2 miles in 10″45 and Sam went 11:20, upper body lift and TT. Top duders got in 8 x 3k alternating from goal pace to 10k pace, group hit 320/302-305/319/302-309/319/303-307/320/303-305, Gals hit 6*1k 355/346/359/344/359/344.

Thursday 4/28/16-Christina finishes 5th at Penn mile- Sam and Tim complete a tough workout of 1k@ GMP, 5 x 600, Tim hit 237/132/132/132/134/137, Sam went 245/137/137/137/136/138.

Wednesday 4/27/16– for those who didn’t race yesterday we had a workout, kids completed a ladder 200-400-600-800-600-400-200 at Goal mile pace. Most kids hit 1k at GMP followed by a fast 600m and 4x300m and 6 x 60m

Tuesday 4/26/16– duel meet or a quick run to dodge rain. Today will serve as an off day unless you ran the mile. Tim finishes in 60 to run 4:17.1- fastest ever mile in a duel meet for a Pirate.

Monday 4/25/16– Either a longish run of around 7-8 miles on grass and barefoot strides and TT or 6-8* 800m on a 4-4:30 cycle.

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