Week of 3/21/16

Saturday 3/26/16– 10-16.5 miles followed by 10-20*100m.  Christina led the ladies with 14.5+10x 100m

Friday 3/25/16-a few miles easy OYO

Thursday 3/24/16-2 miles up- SDS- 1100 meters time trial followed by 14 x 100m with over unders.  Top ladies and men hit 4 x 800m @ GMP followed by full rest.  Christina led the ladies in 223/224/226/225/224 foloowed by with 6 x 100.  Tim followed up with 10 x 200 fast. upper body lift after.

Wednesday 3/23/16-7-10 miles and form 150’s

Tuesday 3/22/16-40 minutes and 3-4 mile loops, top dogs hit 40 minutes and 25 minutes at 75% on the track, couple of strides after.

Monday 3/21/16-slight schedule change due to Grover Practice.  20 minutes warmie followed by a quick stretch and….

Top dudes 7 x .8 miles grass loop at 10k pace (2 min rest)

Ladies hit 6*.8.

Everyone else hit …Top developmental 13x 800m on grass (4:30 c)

Developmental B 10*800 (5:30)

Finished with squats (BS 4 x 12 @ 135% BW and FS 4*12@ 75% BW)

TT of 110/ 40/40

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