Week of 2/29/16-

Saturday 3/5/16-Top dogs ran 14.5 with a fast last mile (Tim led all in 4:56), Christina led the ladies with 12.5 miles (last mile 5:45), everyone finished with 10-20x 100m. Totals on the morning 7-15 mi

Friday 3/4/16-2 miles up- SDS (8) and either..

A Boys and GAls 2*800m @ GMP with 7-8 min rest minute rest (Tim led all in 2:26/2:05) Christina led the ladies in 2:28/2:30. Developing crews ran a fast 600m – everyone finished with 10*100m with drills and over unders. 2 laps down.  Tummy Time 4x (90/40/40) and 4 sets of hang cleans and bench press.

Thursday 3/3/16-hour easy on grass with TT

Wednesday 3/2/16-2.2 miles up- 4-5 miles at LT, Sam and Tim led all in 27:20, others right behind.  Liz and Julio led the ladies in 26:50ish (4 mi) kids finished with TT (90/40/40) x 4-6.  Cranacan ran 60 minutes on grass.

Tuesday 3/1/16-girls 4 x 800 run 9:26!!!!!! Rancan anchors in 2:12!!!!! Timmy Wins mile at Easterns!!!!!

Monday 2/29/16-form drills and lower leg exercises followed by 2 miles up followed  by SD and …

Boys A hit a developmental ladder of 1600/122/1k/800/600 and 6 x 200 in 513/352/313/233/153

Girls hit the same workout in 6-613/431-445/344/257-3/214

2 laps down , developmental groups hit between 20-25 x 400m in a 2-3 minute cycle.

Groups finished with their squat routine and tunny time (4 x 90 sit ups, 40 push ups, 40 leg throws)

Those competing tomorrow got  in 40 minute steady.

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