Week of 2/1/16

Sunday 2/7/16– 40 min steady

Saturday 2/6/15– 9-10.5 miles AND 12 X 100M FOLLOWED BY 4 X 75 SIT UPS AND 3 X 30 PUSH UPS AND leg throws.

Friday 2/5/16-those scheduled to compete at counties got in a short threshold run of 12 minutes followed by easy pace work of 800 (32 pace)/400 (mile pace)/2 x 200 (800 pace) in parking lot followed by upper body lift.

Thursday 2/4/16-  kids got in a mile time trial followed by power (12*75m ) and drills

Wednesday 2/3/16- segmented runs followed by drills and strides (10)

Tuesday 2/2/16- most kids got in 7 miles, those competing this weekend got in some easy pace work.  Duders got in a 22 minutes LT and a few fast strides.  Crancan ran 600m at 1:41 followed by 10 minutes and some fast 100’s.

Monday 2/1/16-  gals who competed this weekend got in a longish run , those not competing got in between 25-30 x 300m in the parking lot.  Top dudes hit some repeat 200’s.

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