Week of 2/22/16

Christina repeats at NJ State Champion!!!!!

Saturday 2/27/16- PRACTICE AT HSS @ 8:30 AM!!!!!

kids ran 80 minutes against coaches explicit orders.


Friday 2/26/16-pre meet for Timmy and Crancan- rest of us hit 2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by 10*200m fast and 6 x 60m fast w/ drills, 2 laps down and upper body lift.

Thursday 2/25/16-55 minutes and strides plus tummy time.

Wednesday 2/24/16– stormy day- most kids hit 20 minutes up- 20 minutes at lt- strides (12).  Top dogs and ladies hit 20/20+ 4 x 800 at 90%.

Tummy time was 4 sets of (90/40/40).  Timmy B hit 20 up followed by 4 x 800@ 2:27 (1 min rest) and some form 150’s.  Christina hit 2 miles up- 4x 800 at 2:50 followed by a fast 200.

Tuesday 2/23/16– Timmy B hit 9 miles + 6 x 150 – ladies (Cranc and KK) hit 20 minutes up, 20 min at LT followed by some form 150’s.  Tummy Time was 4 sets of (90/40/40)

Monday 2/22/16-most kids ran 15 minutes up- SD followed by…..

A Boys- 12*800 in 2:40  (4:00 cycle) followed by 4 x 200 fast.

A Ladies – 10*800 at 3:10 on a 5 min cycle followed by 4 x 200m fast- 2 laps down.


Developmental group hit between 16-24×400.

Tummy Time (90/40/40) followed by squat routine (4x 7 reps of front and back squats at 70/130% BW)

Christina ran 8 miles on grass followed by squat routine and ice bath.

Week of 2/15/16



Saturday 2/20/16– 8:30 am practice at Turning Basin Park!!!!!

Friday 2/19/16-pre meet or 16 minutes up- DDS (8) followed by 400m fast and 15 x 60m with drills and over unders.  2 laps down

Thursday 2/18/1655-60 minutes on grass followed by Tummy Time and upper body lift (85 situps+35 pushups+35 leg throws) *4.

Wednesday 2/17/16-2 miles up SD, top dudes hit 8 x 1k on a 5 minute cycle, top ladies hit 6 x 1k on a 6 minute cycle, developmental group hit 22 x 400m on a 3:00 cycle. Those competing this weekend ran 55-60 minutes on grass followed by an ice bath

Tuesday 2/16/16-  calf raises followed by 20 :00 SDS (8) and..Tim hit 500m in 70 followed by 8 x 200m in 28, Christina hit 500m in 78! followed by 8 x 200m in 30-31.  2 milers hit 1k at goal 32 followed by 8 x 200m – 2 laps down and lower body lifts (4 x 7 reps of squats (135% back 65% front) followed by TT (85 situps+35 pushups+35 leg throws) *3. Great day! kids are ready.

Monday 2/15/16- practice forced indoors on 275 mile loop due to abhorrent weather anomaly! core followed by 20 minutes up, quick stretch, 20 minutes at LT , 10 minutes easy and tunny time (85 situps+35 pushups+35 leg throws) *4.

Week of 2/8/16

Saturday 2/13/15-Sunday 2/14/15-Bundle up and get outside for 90 minutes!!!! Wear a hat, gloved, and layer up!!!!! If you want to head to the high school do so at 8:30 am on Saturday but only run 70 minutes!!!!! Tummy Time after!!!!!!!

Friday 2/12/16-2 miles up, SDS (8) 600m time trial followed by 2 laps easy and 60m sprints with drills. Those competing at states got in 1k reps at abt 90% followed by a short jog followed by specificity and a few sprints.  Timmy got in 4 x 1k at 3:03 followed by 1k at 2:41 and 4 x 300m in 45,  Christina ran 3 x 1k at 3:28, 1k at 3:03 and 3 x 300m in 49-50, Sam and Dex got in 6 x 1k at 3:16 followed by 800 in 2:17 and 2 x 200 in 29-30, 2 laps coolie for everyone and TT ((4 x 80 PU, 35 x PU and LT) ) and upper body lift of hang cleans and BP at 75% BW.  Good day- brutally cold out

Thursday 2/11/16-60 minutes steady and TT.

Wednesday 2/10/16-top diggity dogs ran 2 miles up- SD, 20-22 minutes at LT followed by 4 x 800 at CV and 4 x 200 at fast pace in spikes, 2 laps down and lower body lift followed by TT (4 x 80 PU, 35 x PU and LT) .  Developmental A ran 7.25 miles at 6:45 / mi followed by 12 x 100m, Dev B ran 10k and 12 x 100m for 7.

Tuesday 2/9/16– quick team meeting followed by 2 miles up- SDS (2) and…

Boys A- 10 x 800m at 90% ish (critical velocity) on a 4:00 cycle.  Kids hit 2:45, followed a few fast 200’s.  Top ladies hit 8 x 800 (3:15 (5 min cycle)) followed by 4x 200m .

2 laps down and TT (4x 80 situps, 4 x 35 pushups and leg throws. Those whom competed yesterday ran between 55-60 minutes on grass.

Monday 2/8/16- 50 minutes of total running (30 steady, 20 progressive) Meet in groups!!!

Week of 2/1/16

Sunday 2/7/16– 40 min steady

Saturday 2/6/15– 9-10.5 miles AND 12 X 100M FOLLOWED BY 4 X 75 SIT UPS AND 3 X 30 PUSH UPS AND leg throws.

Friday 2/5/16-those scheduled to compete at counties got in a short threshold run of 12 minutes followed by easy pace work of 800 (32 pace)/400 (mile pace)/2 x 200 (800 pace) in parking lot followed by upper body lift.

Thursday 2/4/16-  kids got in a mile time trial followed by power (12*75m ) and drills

Wednesday 2/3/16- segmented runs followed by drills and strides (10)

Tuesday 2/2/16- most kids got in 7 miles, those competing this weekend got in some easy pace work.  Duders got in a 22 minutes LT and a few fast strides.  Crancan ran 600m at 1:41 followed by 10 minutes and some fast 100’s.

Monday 2/1/16-  gals who competed this weekend got in a longish run , those not competing got in between 25-30 x 300m in the parking lot.  Top dudes hit some repeat 200’s.