Week of 1/18/16

Sunday 1/24/16- Run 90- 100 minutes on your own either on treadmill or side streets that are well-plowed, if you want to be successful you will get this run in, if you don’t you won’t.

Saturday 1/23/16- off- Blizzard Scheduled.

Friday 1/22/16- Specificity and Power, most pirates warmed up 15:00 , SD, followed by 40*200m with 125m rest jog, ladies ran 35 x 200m.  Top ladies ran 7*600m at mile goal pace (5 min rest) , top guys ran 8*600m at mile goal pace (4:45 rest between each), Crancan ran 3*800 (6 minutes rest avg’ing 2:29, followed by 3x400m avg’ing 67 followed by 3 x 200 avging 31 followed by 3 x 60m fast.  Timmy B hit 2 x 1 mile at 3200m goal (6 min rest), 2 x 800m @ 1600m goal (6 min rest) and 9 x 400m at mile goal.  2 laps down and tummy time (4×65 reps of sit ups, 4×25 push-ups, 3×25 reps leg throws).

Thursday 1/21/16Longish run for those not expected to compete this weekend, A Boys hit 12 miles on grass, B Boys and A ladies ran 10.  Those scheduled to compete ran 3-4 miles up followed by 2-3x 1.6 mile cruise intervals on grass with minimum rest, Tim led the duders with 3*1.6 miles in 8:30 (5:20/mi), Christina led the ladies with 2 x 1.6 miles in 9:30/9:40 (6:00/mi) this followed lower leg routine (5x 7 reps of back and front squats (130% back, 65% front) and tummy time (4×65 reps of sit ups, 4×25 push-ups, 3×25 reps leg throws).  Brutally cold- great work PIRATES

Wednesday 1/20/16– those who didn’t race warmed up for 15 minutes and ripped 4.2 miles at best effort under the guidance of Sensei Fiderer followed by 10 x 100m. Those who raced at Lawrenceville turned in some sensational performances.  Alex Petri hits 4:40, Dexter  hits 4:42, Tim Magoun rips a 4:43, on the girls side Pirates went

5:24.70 2 ,5:29.55 3 , 5:31.15 4  ,5:35.40 , 5:36.49 7 , 5:49.09 , 5:52 Awesome!!!!!!!! Way to Go Pirates!!!!!!! Results HERE↓


Indoor Track Meet Scores — WWPN & WWPS vs Lawrenceville 1.20.16

Tuesday 1/19/16-core and calf raises followed by 5-7 miles led by Tim in 41 min – very cold out and windy- afterwards kids hit 5×7 reps of hang cleans and 5x 10 reps of bench press with tummy time ( 4×65 reps of sit ups, 4×25 push-ups, 3×25 reps leg throws)

Monday 1/18/16-horribly cold conditions – despite it’s difficulties the bravest of pirates hit 9-10 miles of fartlek and strides.  Those recovering from yesterday’s race ran 75-80 min steady with 10 strides.  A few raced at Peddie! Pirates went 1-2 in 800 and mile

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