Week of 1/11/16

Sunday 1/17/16– STATE RELAY MEET!!! Girls win SMR, Boys DMR win as well!!!!!!! 5th time in 9 years!!!!!

Saturday 1/16/16-pre meet or long run, 5.7 miles up- 1.1 mile hill hard, back down the hill, 5.7 miles steady 1q mile fast and 10 x 100m 15 total, 11.5 miles and a kicker for everyone else.

Friday 1/15/16– those not competing Sunday ran 200’s and 75m sprints.

Thursday 1/14/16– mileage at community park.

Wednesday 1/13/15- 2.2 miles up- groups went either 4 or 5 miles at assigned efforts, Tim ran 5 miles in 26:38, to lead the dudes, Christina ran 31:45 to lead the ladies, 12 x 100m and tummy time.

Tuesday 1/12/16-  60-70 minutes on grass or peddie meet.

Monday 1/11/16- Those competing tomorrow ran 45 minutes finishing with strides. Top kiddies ran 2 miles up- SDS (8) and 6 x 600m at mile effort, 5 minutes rest between each rep. Tummytime (4 x 60 situps, 4 x 25 pushups, 3 x 25 legthrows)and upperbody lift after.

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