Week of 1/25/16


Saturday 1/30/16– either longish run or compete at Ocean Breeze Invite!

Ocean Breeze Info.

Ocean Breeze Invite 1/30 Dudes, 1/31 Ladies

  • Bus time is 6:00 a.m. on Saturday (dudes) and Sunday (ladies)
  • Know what time your race is scheduled for. Plan accordingly.
    • Race schedule and assignments can be found at
    • Plan on eating your last meal 2-3 hours before your warm-up. Plan on warming up 1 hour before your event is scheduled.  Know that if possible the meet will run ahead. Pay attention to the schedule and know if the events are running on time or not.
    • Warm up should be 15 minutes of easy jogging, stretching, drills, and strides (8).
    • Know exactly where to check in and listen for your even to be called.
  • Race plans- everyone should get out in a good position, not the lead, but just behind the leaders, relax and refuse to allow gaps to open. In the last quarter of your race make sure you charge to the front.  Be tough and hungry. You’re representing your school and program.
  • Cooldown is 30 minutes easy and 20 strides. This should take an hour- if you’re back before then I’ll know you’re lying. I will not permit this.  Get the job done. If you have another event run 5 and 5 then another 5 and 5 before your event coupled with a few more drills and strides.  However after your last event you need to run 30 and 20.
  • Bring food , cash, or both.

Friday 1/29/16-either pre meet for dudes running OB or 60 min steady for those not- those not racing this weekend got in 2 miles up and 60-80×100 on a 30-40 s cycle , 5 min cooldown

Thursday 1/28/16-core followed by segmented run of 45-55 minutes, drills, and 10-15 minutes before embarking on strides, ladies running Sunday got in a few 200’s (6) at pace. tummy time after (4*70 sit ups, 4*30 push ups, 4 x 30 leg throws).

Wednesday 1/27/16-  Core followed by ….those not competing saturday ran 4.2-6 miles.  Those competing Saturday and Rancan ran 2 miles up and 5-6 miles at LTish (slightly slower) with 240m rest jog between each.  Tim hit 6 x 1 mile in 5:10/5:25/5:23/5:27/5:18, A Boys hit 533/545/542/539/545, Crancan hit 550/607/603/601/556 1 mile down- 10 strides and 4 x 70 reps of sit ups, 4×30 push-ups, 3×30 leg throws.  Kids looking strong ready to roll.

Tuesday 1/26/16- core and drills followed by 15 minutes and ….Tim hits 1850m in parking lot at 3200m pace- rest and 8x400m on a 2:15 cycle, 4 minute easy jog 10x100m fast. Other top guys n gals hit 1100m at goal mile pace followed by 8-10x400m at GMP, developmental groups hit between 14-20x400m on a 2:20-245 cycle . This followed lower leg routine and tummy time 4 x 70 reps of sit ups, 4×30 push-ups, 3×30 leg throws.

Monday 1/25/16- kids who care got in their runs followed by core . Those who didn’t spent their time holding our program back in lieu of training.

Assignments for 1/25/15

Tippity Top dudes

75 minute run (45 minutes at maintenance pace, 20 minutes at LT, 10 minutes at maintenance pace.

Top ladies- 

70 minute run (40 minutes at maintenance pace, 20 minutes at LT, 10 minutes at maintenance pace.

Everyone else make sure to get out for 70 minutes on safe plowed roads.

Everyone should get in tummy time of 4*70 sit ups, 4x 30 pushups, 3 x 30 leg throws!!!!!!

No excuses.  It was would be safest if you kids got together in groups.

Week of 1/18/16

Sunday 1/24/16- Run 90- 100 minutes on your own either on treadmill or side streets that are well-plowed, if you want to be successful you will get this run in, if you don’t you won’t.

Saturday 1/23/16- off- Blizzard Scheduled.

Friday 1/22/16- Specificity and Power, most pirates warmed up 15:00 , SD, followed by 40*200m with 125m rest jog, ladies ran 35 x 200m.  Top ladies ran 7*600m at mile goal pace (5 min rest) , top guys ran 8*600m at mile goal pace (4:45 rest between each), Crancan ran 3*800 (6 minutes rest avg’ing 2:29, followed by 3x400m avg’ing 67 followed by 3 x 200 avging 31 followed by 3 x 60m fast.  Timmy B hit 2 x 1 mile at 3200m goal (6 min rest), 2 x 800m @ 1600m goal (6 min rest) and 9 x 400m at mile goal.  2 laps down and tummy time (4×65 reps of sit ups, 4×25 push-ups, 3×25 reps leg throws).

Thursday 1/21/16Longish run for those not expected to compete this weekend, A Boys hit 12 miles on grass, B Boys and A ladies ran 10.  Those scheduled to compete ran 3-4 miles up followed by 2-3x 1.6 mile cruise intervals on grass with minimum rest, Tim led the duders with 3*1.6 miles in 8:30 (5:20/mi), Christina led the ladies with 2 x 1.6 miles in 9:30/9:40 (6:00/mi) this followed lower leg routine (5x 7 reps of back and front squats (130% back, 65% front) and tummy time (4×65 reps of sit ups, 4×25 push-ups, 3×25 reps leg throws).  Brutally cold- great work PIRATES

Wednesday 1/20/16– those who didn’t race warmed up for 15 minutes and ripped 4.2 miles at best effort under the guidance of Sensei Fiderer followed by 10 x 100m. Those who raced at Lawrenceville turned in some sensational performances.  Alex Petri hits 4:40, Dexter  hits 4:42, Tim Magoun rips a 4:43, on the girls side Pirates went

5:24.70 2 ,5:29.55 3 , 5:31.15 4  ,5:35.40 , 5:36.49 7 , 5:49.09 , 5:52 Awesome!!!!!!!! Way to Go Pirates!!!!!!! Results HERE↓


Indoor Track Meet Scores — WWPN & WWPS vs Lawrenceville 1.20.16

Tuesday 1/19/16-core and calf raises followed by 5-7 miles led by Tim in 41 min – very cold out and windy- afterwards kids hit 5×7 reps of hang cleans and 5x 10 reps of bench press with tummy time ( 4×65 reps of sit ups, 4×25 push-ups, 3×25 reps leg throws)

Monday 1/18/16-horribly cold conditions – despite it’s difficulties the bravest of pirates hit 9-10 miles of fartlek and strides.  Those recovering from yesterday’s race ran 75-80 min steady with 10 strides.  A few raced at Peddie! Pirates went 1-2 in 800 and mile

Week of 1/11/16

Sunday 1/17/16– STATE RELAY MEET!!! Girls win SMR, Boys DMR win as well!!!!!!! 5th time in 9 years!!!!!

Saturday 1/16/16-pre meet or long run, 5.7 miles up- 1.1 mile hill hard, back down the hill, 5.7 miles steady 1q mile fast and 10 x 100m 15 total, 11.5 miles and a kicker for everyone else.

Friday 1/15/16– those not competing Sunday ran 200’s and 75m sprints.

Thursday 1/14/16– mileage at community park.

Wednesday 1/13/15- 2.2 miles up- groups went either 4 or 5 miles at assigned efforts, Tim ran 5 miles in 26:38, to lead the dudes, Christina ran 31:45 to lead the ladies, 12 x 100m and tummy time.

Tuesday 1/12/16-  60-70 minutes on grass or peddie meet.

Monday 1/11/16- Those competing tomorrow ran 45 minutes finishing with strides. Top kiddies ran 2 miles up- SDS (8) and 6 x 600m at mile effort, 5 minutes rest between each rep. Tummytime (4 x 60 situps, 4 x 25 pushups, 3 x 25 legthrows)and upperbody lift after.

Week of 1/4/16

Sunday 1/10/16-off or recovery run of between 11-13 miles and strides.

Saturday 1/9/16-9-11 miles followed by 1-2 miles kicker, Dexter led all on kicker with 5:45/5:15, everyone finished with 20 x 100. Lavino kids tore it up!!!! Tim closed in 4:15 for the Pirate victory! Christina runs great triple.

Friday 1/8/16-– for those running Saturday pre meet- for everyone else- 2 miles uyp- SDS (8) 8 x 200 and 6 x 60m with drills followed by lower body lift.

Thursday 1/7/16-longish run of 6-10 miles on grass. Tim avg’s 6:10 / mi

Wednesday 1/6/16– quick warm-up , 3-4 miles hard, 10 x 100m, or race CVC relays

Tuesday 1/5/16– if running Wednesday the kids got in 50 minutes steady with strides, Tim and Christina finished their run with 10 minutes at LT on the track.

 Monday 1/4/16-2 miles up- SDS (4) A boys not competing on Wednesday hit 20 x 400m on a 2:20c, those competing hit 12 x 400m on same cycle.  Timmy and Christina ran 4-5 miles up tempo and finished with 6 x 200m.