Week of 12/14/15

Saturday 12/19/15-kids ran between 9-13.5 miles . Top dudes got in a 1 mile kicker (Sam 5:10, Rancan 6:15) everyone finished with 10 x 100m.

Friday 12/18/15-lower leg exercises followed by 15 minutes easy and SDS (8) followed by a 1k time trial led by Sam in 2:45 followed by a brief rest and a fast 400 (60 pt) , then finishing with 10 x 60m with drills and over-unders. 2 laps down followed by lower leg routine. Tim worked out with famed alum Nikhil and hit 8 x 400 in 65 (200 rest) , a 400 jog, and 8 x 400 in 64 (last two at 61), 2 laps down.

Thursday 12/17/15-40 minutes steady in the rain after beacuoup core .

Wednesday 12/16/15- 15 minutes warm-up following copious core work, top dogs hit 10k at under 6 minute pace (36 and change), Crancs hit 5 miles in 32 and change, other groups ran between 3-5 miles fast. 10 strides after.

Tuesday 12/15/15-copious amounts of drills followed by 2, 2.5, or 3 miles up- followed by a progressive return ( top guys hit around 17, Rancan hit 18:52) followed by a jog to the track and a fast 200 followed by a lap easy, lifters lifted.

Monday 12/14/15-kids warmed up 15 minutes and did form drills before embarking on …

Boys A- 16*400m (2:30c)

Boys B (Gals A)- 12*400m (2:45)

C- 10*400m (3:00)

Tim hit 12 x 400m (on 2:30c) spiked up and ran 2:05

Christina hit 10*400m on a 2:30c and ran an 800m at 2:30 and a 400m at 72.

2 laps down.

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