Week of 11/30/15

Saturday 12/5/15-7-13.5 miles followed by 10*100m

Friday 12/4/15-warm up followed by either 800m at Goal 16 or for a select few 800-400 fast followed by 10 x 100m with drills and over unders, 2 laps down and leg routine.

Thursday 12/3/15-6-8 miles on grass

Wednesday 12/2/15-2.2 miles steady followed by between 2.2-5 miles steady (boys avg’d about 6/ mi for 5 miles ) gals avg’d 6:45 ish pace for 4.

Tuesday 12/1/15-core circuit followed by 2-3 miles steady and 2-3 miles progressive

Monday 11/30/15-Timmy ran 80 minutes, everyone else ran 15 minutes up- SDS (4) and..

A Boys 8*400m on a 2:30 cycle

B Boys (A Gals) 8*400m on 2:45 cycle

Developmental groups ran between 6*400 on a 3 min cycle.

2 laps down.

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