Week of 10/26/15

Sunday 11/1/15– regeneration run.

Saturday 10/31/15– top dogs went longish 12 miles (last 4.5 5:20-48/ mi) Tim followed this with a 1 mile kicker in 5:00

Friday 10/30/15– Most kids got in 6-7 miles with 14 x 100m, very top guys n and gals got in a bowl beater with different degrees of success. Dexter impressed with a 10:12 PR, 70/ 5:16!!!! Same squat routine as Monday. Top varsity girls all closed in 5:45ish!!!!

Thursday 10/29/15- top dogs got in between 7-10 on grass, Those competing on Saturday got in 6*800 on a 4-5:30 cycle followed by a 160m all out kicker.

Wednesday 10/28/15-core followed by 27 minutes of running before the earth vomited upon us.

Tuesday 10/27/15-Most kids performed a recover run, Top tier got in a developmental ladder of… 20-22 minutes at LT, 1600m at Goal 5k, and 800m @ faster than goal pace followed by 200m at goal 800m ; Tim led all in 4:40/2:10/ 27, rest was minimal.


 Monday 10/26/15-Mr Wayton’s carefully drawn up plans were set aside due to sanctioned penalties from Timmy’s Law. Nonetheless the pirate faithful headed out to Chamberlain Park for some work.  Most kids got in 22-30 x 300m on a 80-90s cycle. 1.5 up and down.

Top diggity dogs hit the same 1.5 miles up and down followed by cruise intervals with minimal rest (10-20s)over 795m .  Group hit 8-12 x 800m . Squatters hit 3 x 15 reps at 100% BW and 2 x 5 reps at 150% BW

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