Week of 10/5/15

Saturday 10/10/15-11.5 miles followed by either 1-2 x mile kicker followed by 20*100m

Friday 10/9/15-most kids hit 2 miles up and between 26-30x 300m on a 80-90 sec cycle.  Top diggity dogs hit 2800m at G5k pace followed by 6 minutes rest and 2400m at G5k- some supplemental 200’s fast.

Thursday 10/8/15-3-4 miles up, most kids got in between 4-5 miles on grass at assigned times and 10 x 100m on grass (barefoot).  Very top guys hit 4 miles up- 2x 2.4 miles at an assigned pace plus a .8 mile kicker at 85% of MVO2. followed by 10 x 100m on a 30s cycle.  Girls hit a more modest version of 3 miles up , 2.4 miles at 80-85%  followed by 1.6 miles at the same pace and 10 x 100m on a 40 sec cycle.

Wednesday 10/7/15warm up exercises , lower leg drills, 40 minutes, stretch, 20 minutes, drills, 10 x 100m on a 35s cycle. squats afterwards

Tuesday 10/6/152 miles up- 5k race,  2-5 miles cd

Monday 10/5/15-quick calf exercises followed by 6-9 miles on grass and 8 x 100m on a 60-70 minute cycle.

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