Week of 9/28/15

Sunday 10/4/15– those who raced yesterday ran between 75-80 minutes on grass followed by a dozen strides.

Saturday 10/3/15– Those not racing hit he track for 15 minutes up- SDS (8) followed by A – 14 x 400m on a 2:20 cycle, B- 12 x 400 on a 3:00 cycle (followed by a 200m kicker). Pirates tear it up at SC!!!

Friday 10/2/15– 20 – 40 minutes indoors after drills.

Thursday 10/1/15-great quick article http://spikes.iaaf.org/post/mohammed-amans-words-of-wisdom

Most kids ran 20 minutes up, SDS (8) followed by 5-7x 100m at goal 5k with 200m strict jog between, cooldown was 20 x 100m on a 40s cycle. Those racing this weekend ran 7-9 miles on grass and 20 x 100m on a 35-40s cycle.

Wednesday 9/30/15-2.25 miles up to Conover Park, from here groups assembled to

A Boys 5 miles at 6 min pace and 1 mile at 5:10-5:40 pace followed by 12 x 100m on a 35 sec cycle.

A Ladies 4.3 miles at 75% followed by 1200m at 85%, 12 x 100m on a 40 s cycle,

Those not competing this weekend got in 4.3-5 miles with  12 x 100m 7-9 on the day

Tuesday 9/29/15– 2 miles up SDS (8) 2-4 mile race, cooldown of 2-6 miles. Results here

Vets BOYS 9-29-215

Monday 9/28/15– most kids ran between 6-9 miles on grass.  Very tipiity top guys n gals 2 miles up- SD, and between 3-5 Developmental miles followed by 20-30x 100m on a 30-35s cycle. Squat routine followed with 5*12 reps at 120/130/140/150/160% BW

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