Week of 9/21/15

Saturday 9/26/15-Practice at Turning Basin Park 8:00 am!!!! Those injured must meet at HSS at 7:45!!! top dogs ran 13.5 miles (last two miles 5:50/mi), 2nd group ran 12.5 last mile hard) last group ran 11.5!

Friday 9/25/15-tired pirates either hit Montanas (1.75 miles up, SD and A- 22*300m on a 80s cycle, B(a)- 20*300m on a 90s cycle, or C(b)-17*300m on a 100s cycle). A few runners did an intro bowl beater.  Guys ran 6 laps at G5k , rested 30 seconds 300m all out, rest 100m jog- 6 laps at G5k.and 8 x 200m @ 35 on a 70s cycle. Girls did the same without the 200’s Squatters hit 4*10 reps at 150% BW and 1 legged ups!

Thursday 9/24/15-kids  ran between 6-10 miles on grass at prescribed paces.

Wednesday 9/23/15-7:30 am practice at Turning Basin Park!!!! kids shook out for 10 minutes and ran 9-10 miles up tempo.  Pirates were led by Timmy B (57:30 -5:45/ mi) Sam (58:46-5:52/mi) Dexter and Yuta (59:29 -5:57/mi) and Christina (60:36- 6:45/ mi 9 miles) 10 min jog shakedown for between 10-12 on the morning

Tuesday 9/22/15-8 min wall sit followed by stretching and lower leg exercises.  From here Pirates ran about 40-50 min with either 10 x 100m on a 40 s cycle or ..Timmy B ran 15 minutes at 5:30 pace, Crancan ran 15 minutes at 6:15 pace, afterwards Pirates squatted 4*12 reps at 150% BW and 5*7 reps of dynamic lunges.

Monday 9/21/15– Pirates warmed up 16 minutes SDS (8) followed by a 5k race and 20 +10.  Christina went 10/ 10/ 10/ 10 (10 minutes easy- 10 minutes at lt- 10 minutes easy 10 x 100m.  Tima nd Sam went 12/12/12 12 minutes easy- 12 minutes at LT 12 x 100m.  Good day results below.

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