Week of 9/14/15

Saturday 9/19/15– kids ran between 10-14.5 miles at a good pace followed by 10*100m.  Top dogs hit 14.5 – 1st 7.25 at 6:20- last 7.25 progressive- Tim and Sam led all in 26 in change for the last 4.5.  Ladies hit 11 miles steady and 1 mile fast- led by Little Julia in 6:20!!!!! Good day.

Friday 9/18/15– 3-4.2 miles up to Community park and 5-6 loops of .8 mile loop at a prescribed pace. Squatting after.

Thursday 9/17/15– most kids hit 1.75 miles up- Montanas (A Boys 35*300m on a 90s cycle, B Boys (A Ladies )-25*300m on a 100 second cycle and C Boys (b ladies)- 23x300m on a 110s cycle. – 1.75 miles down.  A Few others went to the track and ran 23 minutes up- SDS (8) followed by 2 x 2400m at 100% goal 5k pace (8 min rest between each) followed by 2-3 x 800m at goal 5kpace (4 min rest)- 23 minutes down.

Wednesday 9/16/15-kids ran 3-4 miles up to Community Park before running an additional 4-5.6 miles at a prescribed pace- A- 6:15/mi, B- 6:45-50/ mi.

Tuesday 9/15/15– 1st meet! some great performances! Pirates start year with a pair of victories!!!!!!! Warm-up was 16 minutes SDS (8) and coolie was 40 minutes for top guys  and 20 and 20 for everyone else for between 5-10.

Monday 9/14/15- Practice will be held at 8:00 am at Mercer County Park (Marina) .  kids ran the course 2-3 times before sprinting 10-12x 100m.

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