Week of 8/24/15

Friday 8/28/15-15 minutes up- SDS(8) 7 laps at Goal 5k followed by sprints and lifting routine.

Thursday 8/27/15-group hit 72 minutes, top boys hit 11 miles followed by tubing!!! Great time!!!!!

Wednesday 8/26/15-Top boys ran 17.5 miles to Griggstown and back.  Groups also hit 11.5, 13.5, and 16.02 miles with 10 strides.

Tuesday 8/25/15-4-8 miles followed by 8 x 200m on a 80/90/100 sec cycle followed by a mile easy for 6-10 on the day. Finished with 4*15 reps of squats at 140% BW

Monday 8/24/15-10 minutes up- SD. A boys hit 10 miles in 64 minutes on challenging loop, 8 miles for girls A and boys B, and beginner group 4-6 miles.  Everyone finished with 20*100m

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