Week of 8/10/15



Friday 8/14/15– 30 minutes running followed by SDS (8) followed by 2400m of specificity and 12 x 100m with drill.  Those lifting hit 4 x 7 reps of squat  at 140% BW and one legged hop ups.

Thursday 8/13/15-60 minutes at Tyler State Park followed by 15-30 minutes and 20 x 100m on a 60 s cycle.

 Wednesday 8/12/15– top dogs hit 16.2 miles and 14 x 100m for 17, Boys B (gals a) hit 13.5 and 10 x 100m for 14 and the developmental groups hit between 7-9 miles and 20 x 100m

Tuesday 8/11/15-senior weather correspondent Seth Fiderererer ‘s forecast of electrified cyclones failed to materialize- nonetheless Pirates chose to play it safe and stay on the mile loop for 4-10 miles followed by 10 x 100m and squat / lunge routing (4 x 7 reps at 140% BW and 5 x 7 reps of dynamic lunges.

Monday 8/10/15– 25 minutes easy followed by 5-10 miles on Greenway’s loop and 20*100m for between 8.5-14

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