Week of 5/11/15

Saturday 5/16/15-Frosh- Soph- Tommy Moxham dominates!!!! Freshman 4 kill it!!!!

Friday 5/15/15– steady distance.

Thursday 5/14/15-either meet at Holmdel or…

Tim and Nikhil hit 800m at dream mile pace (2:04.5) rested 4-5 minutes and hit 5 x 400m in 64-63-62-61-60 (200m jog) -finish with 4 x 150m  girls hit the same workout 2:22/72-71-70-70-66

Wednesday 5/13/15- either pre meet or steady distance.

Tuesday 5/12/15- either meet or 6-7.2 miles .  A few got in a solid workout.  Nikhil ran 2000 m at 5:35- rested 3:30 and ran 1200m in 3:18, the girls ran  3 x 800m (5:30 rest )in 228/226/and 222(deirdre) -226 (Rancan – no spikes).  Pretty amazing day considering windy and hot conditions.

Monday 5/11/15- most kids ran 2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by 5 x 400m on a  2-2:20 cycle and 2 laps down. Moxham led all.  Tim and Niklhil headed to the TP and ran 12.6 miles at 6:20/ mi. Christina and DCA$H ran abt 9 miles and squatted . Those running in tomorrows meet ran between 4-6 miles and 4 x 150.

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