Week of May 4th 2015

Sunday 5/10/15– recovery run or off.

Saturday 5/9/15-Either 9-10 miles at TBP or Rip it up at counties!!!!!! Nikhil runs 2nd fastest 32 in Pirate History !!!!! DCA$H and Crancan run 1-2 in mile!!!!!!!! Timmy B wins 800m!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edlyn wins 800m ! DCA$H 2nd!!!!!! $x 800 girls win!!!!!! ew ew

Friday 5/8/15– 800m time trial followed by 6*300 and 10 x 50m with drills

Thursday 5/7/15– Nikhil and Tim run 8 miles on grass and finish with 11 x 150m on grass (barefoot), Christina and Deirdre run 6m at 7/ mi  and 11 x 150m on grass barefoot, everyone else runs between 4.2-6.2 miles followed by 11*150m on grass barefoot.

Wednesday 5/6/15~   either a 2 mile warmie followed by a 5k time trial. short cooldown.  All others ran in the Trenton duel meet – some great performances, Zach and Sam pr in 800 (2:02) , Nikhil hauls a 53- Timmy runs an open 52, Sara runs a great 800.

 Tuesday 5/5/15-kids either completed a pre-meet of between 6-9 miles with 150’s.  those who are not competing tomorrow hit 2.2 miles up and 5 miles steady – also finished with 10 x 150. DCASH and Crancan got in 8 miles at 7 minute pace before Deirdre fell over and sustained injuries.  

(photo dramatized for effect) Nikhil and Tim got in 4 miles steady- 20 minutes at lt and 10 x 150m.

Monday 5/4/15- 2 miles up- most kids got in 10*400m , top diggity dogs did a little different workout of …Tim and Nikhil hit 1600 in 4:29, 6 min rest, 800 in 2:05 , 6 min rest and 800 in 2:07 , Deirdre and Christina hit 2 x 2 mils in 12:15/12:18 (lt) then laced up and ran an 800m at goal mile pace- DCA$H led in 2:26. squatters hit 4 x 8 reps of 130 (ladies)- 150% (dudes) BW

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